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No matter what your family may be going through right now, you must not forget that your child is innocent. All children deserve the love, affection, protection and support from both of their parents. Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking a modification of your current custody arrangement, parenting schedules must to be based on your child’s best interests.

Although no two clients are identical, many parents face similar issues. Daniele Johnson draws on her extensive experience to provide parents with innovative options to better suit their needs. As a mother of three, a certified guardian ad litem, and parenting coordinator, she has seen how different family custody plans affect children and are able to bring that insight to her clients.

Child Custody Lawyers

When a divorce action involves children, Daniele Johnson will make sure that every aspect of the case will take the child’s needs into consideration. She also understands that the needs of a child evolve as he or she grows older. What was determined to be the best for a child at one age may be completely different at another. In these cases, a modification of custody becomes necessary to protect the best interest of that child.

Daniele Johnson takes the parent’s needs, as well as the child’s emotions and state of mind, into account when planning case strategy. She handles these cases with the appropriate level of aggressive litigation, but with a delicate hand, not forgetting that there is a child involved, who, in most cases, loves both parents. Contact Daniele and Associates to help you develop a plan of action that works for you and your child’s best interest.

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