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Unfortunately, most family law cases are not amicable. The parties become entrenched in battle over custody of the children; division of marital assets; and alimony. With Daniele Johnson & Associates, you do not have to be in the trenches alone fighting your battle. You are armed with a team of professionals who will be right beside you.

Your first line of defense is Tamara Watts. Tamara is a certified paralegal and has been the associate support staff for Daniele Johnson since 2012. More often than not, she will be the person to schedule your initial consult. She will also work closely with you to get your case ready for mediation and trial, including, but not limited to, preparing your Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit; preparing discovery responses; preparing witness affidavits; and facilitating personal service on the opposing side.

At the initial consult, you will meet with Daniele Johnson, the sole proprietor of Daniele Johnson & Associates. Once you decide to retain her services, your case will not be passed off to a junior attorney. You get her and her 20 plus years of family law experience. Through telephone conversations; emails; and in-person meetings, she will work extremely closely with you towards accomplishing your identified goals.

Her hourly rate is $350.00 with a minimum fee to be determined at the initial consult. Your retainer will then be utilized in a way that would best benefit your case. It will not be dwindled away on frivolous or stubborn litigation or by nickel and dime billing tactics. At the conclusion of your case, if there is a balance left from your retainer, it will be refunded back to you. To get the process started, simply contact the office via the website or telephone to schedule your free 30-minute consult. Every 30 minutes thereafter are $100.00.

Whatever the situation may be, your team at Daniele Johnson & Associates can help.

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