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Stay Away From An Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

aggressive divorce lawyerChoosing a divorce attorney in Atlanta is one of the most important first steps when you’re seeking a divorce. Many people think that choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer is the best step forward. They assume these lawyers will “fight” harder for them in court, but that isn’t always true.

Of course, your lawyer should be a strong advocate for you. But they should also be responsible and reasonable. Contrary to popular belief a combative lawyer is not necessarily a good lawyer. There is a time to dig your heels in and a time to negotiate for a judicious resolution. If you choose a divorce lawyer who can help you make a sensible decision and work for the best possible outcome. A sensible divorce attorney in Atlanta will also navigate the divorce proceedings with professionalism, care, and sensitivity. They will help protect your sanity, safeguard your children’s emotional well-being, and potentially even save you time and money in court battles.


Reasons Why an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer May Not Be a Wise Choice


  • Professional Reputation: Aggressive people seldom work well with others. If a lawyer is habitually too aggressive, they may find that others don’t like working with them, and that can hinder the whole the divorce process and strategy, and therefore the negotiation endgame. If people seem reluctant to work with a certain lawyer, that may be a sign that they are too aggressive.
  • Interpersonal Relationships: An aggressive divorce lawyer may also rub the judge the wrong way with frivolous demands or a negative attitude. A put-off judge is not who you want overseeing your divorce. It will hinder your case if the judge responds adversely to your lawyer.
  • Working Well With Others: Compromise and negotiation are key tools during divorce proceedings. However, an overly aggressive divorce lawyer may find being reasonable difficult. A lawyer who is unwilling to compromise may not be in a position to adequately advocate for your needs. In other words, if the lawyer is so aggressive that they won’t settle on anything even if it could benefit you, they are not working in your best interest.
  • Expectations: An aggressive divorce lawyer often paints an unreasonable expectation of the possible divorce outcome, and that can be confusing. Remember, it is the lawyer’s job to listen to the client and then suggest a reasonable, realistic, and honest outcome for the case.
  • Length of the Case: When the divorce lawyer is fanning the fires of resentment in the divorce case, that has the potential to drag the case on and on. Lengthening a divorce case – especially if it is hostile – could build emotional stress and create hostility for all parties involved.
  • Cost: Finally, while fueled by righteous indignation, an overly aggressive divorce lawyer will drag out by merely refusing to negotiate responsibly. If they bill by the hour, their unwillingness to compromise or settle can both lengthen the case and increase overall costs.

In the grand scheme of things, when you have a divorce lawyer who is willing to negotiate and compromise, fairness will be the result. In contrast, if you work with an angry or aggressive divorce lawyer, that is not good for the well-being of you or your family.

As you restructure your family and move to new beginnings through a divorce, you need a divorce lawyer who understands how to be reasonable and calm but firm when it matters. That’s where we come in. To learn more, contact us directly. At Daniele Johnson and Associates, we offer the caring and compassion you need through this difficult time.

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