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Case Studies

  • Cobb County Superior Court. Father’s Rights. Client awarded 50/50 parenting time of two young children under the age of 8.
  • Clayton County Superior Court. Father’s Rights. Client awarded primary custody and child support for his 10 year old daughter.
  • Forsyth County Superior Court. Domestic Violence Divorce. Client escaped abusive relationship with her 3 young boys. Awarded child support; alimony; and, temporary possession of the marital residence on a 6 year marriage.
  • Cobb County Superior Court. Father’s rights. Client awarded primary custody and child support for his 14 year old daughter.
  • Gwinnett County Superior Court. Divorce Case. Successfully argued for sole legal and sole physical custody of an infant on behalf of a mother due to history of emotional abuse and lack of involvement from the father.
  • Forsyth County Superior Court. Modification of Custody. Impeached a Guardian Ad Litem’s recommendation to change primary custody of 5 children from mother to father
  • Cobb County Superior Court. Legitimation. Obtained 50/50 custody of a newborn child on behalf of a father.
  • Henry County Superior Court. High Asset Divorce. 26 year marriage. 2 adult children. Thwarted stay-at-home mother’s efforts to receive permanent alimony despite admitted multiple affairs committed by the husband.
  • Fulton County Superior Court. Legitimation and Relocation Custody. Out-of-State father. Successfully argued for sole physical and legal custody of a 5 year old child.
  • Forsyth County Superior Court. Divorce. Successfully argued on behalf of father to receive primary custody of two children under the age of 8.
  • Gwinnett County Juvenile Court. Legitimation of a newborn child. Father’s petition was denied due to history of domestic violence. Father was still ordered to pay child support.
  • Forsyth County Superior Court. Relocation modification of parenting time. Mother had remarried to a member of the military who would be stationed in Hawaii. Judge denied father’s petition for modification of primary custody and allowed the mother and child to move with her husband.
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