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Daniele Johnson’s career actually began before she graduated from law school.  In her 3rd year of law school, she became court certified to represent victims of domestic violence.  Upon graduating from law school, she went to work for the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office.  In the first two years of her career, she conducted a countless number of preliminary, revocation and bond hearings.  She prosecuted aggravated assault cases and was assigned to the Special Victim’s Unit, crimes against children.


Her sole purpose of going to law school was to practice family law.  In 1999, she relocated to Cobb County to follow her future husband, a graduate of the 1st graduating class of Pope High School.  Since then, while she and her husband have been raising their three daughters in West Cobb, she has been practicing family law, handling such matters as divorce, custody, child support, legitimation, and adoptions.  In 2006, she became certified to serve as a guardian ad litem, representing the best interest of children.  In 2019, she became a certified domestic litigation arbitrator.


Daniele Johnson has been in the trenches alongside Cobb County Families in crisis for the last 21 years.  She has represented over a thousand families in their moments of need.  To learn more about her professionalism, work ethic and successes, feel free to read client reviews and peer endorsements posted on such sites as Avvo.com and Google.  It is that level of attentiveness, care that Daniele Johnson will bring to the Cobb County Superior Court Bench.


Daniele Johnson has had the honor of being published in The Family Law Review, a publication of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, 3 times.  Her articles are another indication that she has unknowingly been preparing for her run for the bench years prior to Judge Ingram made her announcement that she would not be running for reelection.  Much of the attributes she hopes to bring to bring Cobb County Superior Court are reflected in her published articles.

For example, in her article “The Team Approach to Protecting the Best Interest of Children” written in 2014, Daniele Johnson tackles the question of whether a guardian ad litem should be required to provide written report at the conclusion of an investigation.  After weighing the pro and cons of both sides of the argument, she concludes that a written report should be required so as to lend transparency and credibility to the legal process.

In 2018, her article “Cognitive Bias and its Impact on the Legal System”, Daniele Johnson explores the natural phenomena of cognitive bias.  She explains that, while everyone, including judges have such biases, those biases should be identified and neutralized at trial.  Rulings from the bench should be impartial.

Finally, she has recently written an article that is due to be published in the Winter 2020 issue of the Family Law Review, “A Book Review of ‘Know My Name, a Memoir’”.  The article was written months prior to her announcement that she would be running for the seat left vacant by the Honorable Lark Ingram.  In her article she commends the survivor of a horrific crime for sharing her story with the world.  Ms. Johnson goes on to encourage all members of the legal profession and the media to do better for those who have suffered at the hands of others.  Sentencing is meant to accomplish several things, including, but not limited to, punishment, protection; deterrence; and, when appropriate, rehabilitation.  Regardless of the sentence, voices of the victims will be heard.

To Daniele Johnson, the concepts of legal transparency; credibility; impartiality; and intently listening to those who seek relief from the court are not mere words thrown out to the public when one is running for public office.  She sincerely believes in these notions as reflected in the articles she has written well before she became a candidate for Cobb County Superior Court Judge.   To read the articles in their entirety, please click the links below.


“Team Approach to Protecting the Best Interest of Children”, Winer Issue 2014

“Cognitive Bias and its Impact on the Legal System”, Spring Issue, 2018:

A book review of Chanel Miller’s “Know My Name, a Memoir”, Winter Issue, 2020 (Due to be published in the 2020 Winter Issue of the review.  Printing has been delayed due to the closing of State Bar of Georgia because of Coronavirus)



Vote for Daniele Johnson as your next Cobb County Superior Court Judge.  She is fair.  She is balanced.  She will listen.  She is good for Cobb.






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