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prenup_photoA prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into prior to the marriage which addresses such issues as division of assets, division of debts and alimony in the event of a divorce. A postnuptial agreement is almost identical to the prenuptial agreement except it is signed after the couple has married.

Despite the negative connotations that often surround the idea of these agreements, having a dedicated prenup attorney or postnuptial agreement lawyer explain the advantages to having such an agreement prior to or shortly after marriage no matter what your economic background may be, is helpful. For example, having a prenup or postnuptial agreement can actually lower your attorney’s fees and help alleviate the emotional stress that is a part of a divorce. Since these issues are predetermined in your agreement, it leaves very little for you and your spouse to litigate. Subsequently, the period of time necessary to finalize the divorce process is shortened and one can begin to heal sooner than he or she would have without the agreement. If you have a substantial amount of wealth and assets, a prenuptial agreement is a very inexpensive way to protect them by having you and your spouse determine how they will be shared in the event of a divorce.


At Daniele Johnson & Associates, these agreements are typically drafted after you meet with the prenup attorney and have an opportunity to voice concerns. The attorney will then draft an agreement that will attempt to address all of the concerns expressed during the interview, as well as protecting the interest of the client.

Daniele Johnson strongly believes that it is extremely important to have these documents reviewed by your own independent attorney prior to signing. If you have been presented with such an agreement, we will carefully review and interpret the contract with you to make sure you fully understand its content. She will then give you a frank and honest assessment of whether you should sign the agreement, request changes, or simple refuse to sign. No matter what the situation, she will help you protect your interest.

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