Law Offices of Daniele Johnson, LLC

Lawyer Endorsements

“Daniele is an excellent lawyer who will always put her client’s interests first, not afraid to get tough and go to court. She is compassionate and loves helping people through very difficult times in their lives. I highly recommend her if you are considering a separation or divorce.”

Victoria Collier, Elder law Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Daniele is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and a fierce advocate for the rights of her client. I highly recommend working with her on a matter or referring your family law cases to her.”

Amber Saunders, Business Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Johnson is a very skilled attorney in the area of family law and well respected by her peers in the Atlanta legal community.”

Stephanie Dixon, Divorce and separation Attorney

“Although I have not had the pleasure of working with Ms. Johnson, it is clear from the answers she provides on Avvo that she is a very capable and skilled attorney. I am happy to endorse her.”

Michael Birchmore, Divorce and separation

“I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Daniele Johnson is an admirable attorney. We worked diligently on opposing sides to settle a case, and she was a pleasure to work with. Because of her integrity, competence, and fairness, we were able to settle the case fairly for our clients and saved them much time and money. Daniele is well-spoken, fair, and honest and makes a great attorney.”

Peggy Brown, Insurance Attorney

“I have worked with Daniele on multiple occasions and on every occasion she is not only extremely prepared and thorough in her work she is highly knowledgeable as well. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Sean Whitworth, Family Attorney

“I have worked with Ms. Johnson as both a guardian ad litem on a case and she is thorough and conscientious. I highly recommend her.”

Scott Bushnell, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I worked closely with Daniele many years ago at a family law firm. Daniele was and is very knowledgeable in the area of family law. the highest compliment a lawyer can give is to refer a client to another lawyer. I would absolutely refer a client to Daniele because I trust her and know she brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice.”

Rebecca McLaws, Divorce and separation Attorney

“Having known Daniele for years and worked with her on cases many times, I have always known Daniele to fight for her clients’ rights and best interests, give solid, straight-forward advice, and assist clients in making the best choice for their lives and resources. She holds her ground with opposing counsel, yet is sensitive with clients during emotionally difficult times. She helps clients stay focused on the big picture and their individual long-range goals.”

Julie Ernst-Fortin, Mediation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Daniele Johnson became associated as “of counsel” to the Law Offices of Palmer, Reifler & Associates, P.A. on August 1, 2005. Ms. Johnson represents the interests of our firm and clients in Georgia as well as directing all litigation in Georgia on our clients’ behalf. As I am responsible for hiring “of counsel” attorneys and have the most contact with them, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to interact with Daniele on a frequent basis. Daniele has never failed to impress me with her professionalism, her work ethic, her unwavering professional ethics and the timeliness and quality of her work product.”

James Welborn, Litigation Attorney

“Ms. Johnson is a smart and compassionate family law attorney. She truly cares about her clients and is particularly outstanding in issues involving children and their best interests. I would highly recommend her.”

Jennifer Pinson-Harvey, Mediation Attorney