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Can Child Support Payments Be Modified In Georgia?

After a divorce you may wonder who is obligated to pay child support or on what grounds can child support payments be modified in Georgia?

The statute, as it stands right now, and keep in mind, that is another reason to hire an attorney, because the statue is changing constantly, case laws are changing. You really need to hire an attorney to keep ahead of all of these changes. I want to say recently that the statue did just change with-in the last three years. Child support modification is possible in Georgia, but you can only come back for a modification of child support or have to wait the next 2 years. Even then, you have to show a substantial material change of your financial situation.

The case law now says that a substantial change in your financial circumstances will either increase or decrease about 25% or more of your gross income. If a child support order is issued, you do have a material change of circumstances, and it has been two years, you can come back and ask for a modification. Similarly, however, the person who is receiving the child support amount, if he or she falls on the other side, and the other parent is making more money, he or she can actually come back and ask for an upward modification, therefore is really does depend on the change or the circumstances of your finances. For a free phone consultation, contact attorney Daniele Johnson in Atlanta, Georgia at (770) 984-5311.

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