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New contractRegardless of your economic background, paying for your attorney fees should not add to the stress of financial uncertainty often faced by those engaged in domestic litigation. Daniele Johnson has handled cases involving a wide range of assets and incomes. Whether you are a blue collar worker on a fixed budget or a CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, Daniele Johnson and Associates will be mindful to keep the cost of your case as reasonable and controlled as possible. Just as she will work with you to form a customized strategic plan to win your case, she will work with your budget and resources needed to fund your legal fees.

For complex family law issues involving complicated child custody and support matters and/or division of an extraordinary portfolio of assets, Daniele Johnson will bill her normal hourly rate of $325.00. As an alternative to hourly rates and in appropriate situations, she will offer flat-rate billing as follows.

Contempt of Court $1800.00
Temporary Restraining Orders $1800.00
Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements $2500.00
Uncontested Divorce $2500.00
Contested Divorce; no children no property/debt division $3500.00
Contested Divorce; no children; but Involving property/debt division $5500.00
Contested Divorce involving children, but no property/debt division $6500.00
Contested Divorce involving children and Property/debt division $8500.00
Uncontested Legitimation/paternity $3500.00
Contested Legitimation/paternity $6500.00
Uncontested Custody Matters $2500.00
Contested Custody Matters $6500.00
Uncontested Adoption $2500.00
Contested Adoption $6500.00

Of course, individual case assessments will be made for each case before a decision of flat or hourly billing will be offered. A case analysis will necessarily begin with consultation. Our consults are free for the first 30 minutes and $100.00 for each additional 30 minutes.

At Daniele Johnson & Associates, your retainer will not be dwindled away by nickel and dime tactics and hidden fees. Instead, it will be used to pay for the time necessary to diligently and effectively represent your interests.

Daniele C. Johnson Esq.

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