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Very Competent

Attorney Daniele Johnson was phenomenal from the beginning. I switched attorneys in the middle of my divorce proceedings after having improper legal representation by another divorce firm. I scheduled an in-person initial consultation with Daniele Johnson, and she listened to my concerns and issues related to my divorce proceedings.

Daniele Johnson provided me with excellent legal advice, and she assured me that she could handle the divorce. In addition, she informed me of recommendations that she would have done differently if she had handled the case initially. She was very compassionate, polite, attentive, patient, courteous and professional. After the consultation, I immediately retained her to handle my divorce. Daniele Johnson and her paralegal Tamara were prompt and efficient with returning my phone calls and emails. She provided effective communication, ensured that I clearly understood my rights and keep me abreast of any changes and/or concerns.
Daniele Johnson ensured that I was properly prepared for mediation and hearings. During the divorce she was fierce, confident, poised, displayed a passion for her profession as an attorney and exhibited a strong work ethic.

I am so relieved that I followed my intuition and retained Daniele Johnson. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during the divorce. She was very competent while handing my case. She negotiated with opposing counsel to the very end of the divorce proceedings, and I am blessed with the outcome of the divorce that just settled a few weeks ago. I could not have located a more suitable attorney to assist me in such a life-changing event.
Thank you, Daniele Johnson and your staff, for all of your hard work and efforts.

A Satisfied Client

She was the right lawyer for me

My divorce should have been an uncontested process, but when my Ex became unreasonable I knew I needed an attorney. I needed someone who was well versed in the law and how it works for my situation. My divorce was far less complicated than most cases.I was afraid that I wouldn’t find an experience lawyer who would take on my case and approach it the same as their more complex family cases. Ms Johnson approached to my case left no doubt she was the right lawyer for me. She was so reassuring that relived so much stress from what I had to deal with in my Ex. You want someone who will listen to you, hear you, break down the law so you can understand, give you rock solid advice, and fight for you… That would be Ms Johnson. No matter the complexity, divorce is a daunting process. You want a lawyer like Ms Johnson to be by your side to bring you the best results. Thank Ms Johnson… I now have PEACE!!

A Satisfied Client

Great Lawyer

Danielle is really a great lawyer. She gave me very good advice in dealing with a family situation.

A Potential Client

She could not have been nicer to me

I open that way because so often people in general and especially attorneys (sorry) can be jerks to you when you need them most. I met her the day after Christmas and she could not have been nicer to me. I’m most likely going to use her but even if I do not I just want to OPENLY thank her for hearing me out in a very dark hour of my life.

A Potential Client

Attentive and Professional

Attorney Johnson is a great litigator! She is attentive and professional, and helped me through a difficult divorce. I would recommend her highly!

A Satisfied Client

Exceptional Service

Attorney Daniele Johnson delivered exceptional service assisting our family with consummating my son and husband’s father and son’s relationship through the legal system. She followed up with every inquiry we had throughout the adoption process promptly, coordinated with the biological father for consent, and made sure vital records were updated accordingly. We were in great hands. I recommend Attorney Johnson should you ever need legal consult for your family matter.

A Satisfied Client

Daniele Johnson is hands-down the best family law attorney I’ve ever hired.

Daniele Johnson is hands-down the best family law attorney I’ve ever hired. I remember a promise she made to me shortly after our first conversation: “I will treat your money as if it were my own”. She kept that promise the entire time I needed her. But beyond that, and more importantly to me, Daniele knows the law, is compassionate… and when needed… she is tough as nails.  If you’re in the position I was not long ago and searching for a quality attorney with YOUR best interests at heart… search no further. Daniele Johnson is that attorney. Going to court is stressful enough – there’s no reason to also be worried about your legal representation. Speaking with Daniele never failed to ease my anxiety and fill me with confidence. I was not disappointed.  JOB. WELL. DONE.  DO NOT hesitate to give her a call. I’d give her 6 stars but the scale only goes to 5.

A Satisfied Client

Excellence Is An Understatement

“Daniele Johnson is a caring and passionate Attorney that knows her Craft.

She fights for her Clients and believes that each and everyone deserves to be treated with the respect they deserve. All too often Clients experience very little interaction once they hire an Attorney.

Daniele Johnson prides herself in being available during Office Hours.”


A Force To Be Reckoned With

“My contested divorce involved several challenges, particularly securing child custody and home, as well as maintaining my retirement funds; and my spouse was very contentious. The stakes were high for me, so I needed more than a good attorney; I needed an exceptional one. I began my journey by meticulously reading numerous reviews, and decided on Attorney Daniele Johnson. In fact, at the end of my initial consultation, she advised that I could think on my decision and follow up with her. However, I told her that I was ready to commit day one. I had carefully researched her track-record. I understood that the stakes were high, and I believed that she had the level of experience that I needed to be successful. So my journey commenced; and I asked God for some specific requests. By the end of the 13-month process, God graced me with everything I petitioned Him for and more! Attorney Johnson was thorough during the discovery process; assertive and persistent in the face of stubborn litigation from opposing attorneys; and a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, well-prepared, polished, and pointed in her words and actions. I am simply in awe of the grace of God. We never know the roads we will travel in life, but it is comforting and empowering to know that He has angels on EVERY road to guide us and assist us with staying on course for our destination. I am so very grateful that Attorney Johnson is on her post, and those who call on her are in exceptional hands. One final note that is important to mention is that my research revealed that Attorney Johnson’s hourly rate was higher than some of the others. However, given the high stakes in my case, I conceded that the investment was necessary. In the end, however, I was very pleased to learn that Attorney Johnson’s billing ethics resulted in my paying approximately 30% less overall compared to other billing models. The lesson learned – a lower hourly rate is not always the most economical or prudent. So choose carefully and trust God!”

A Satisfied Client

Her Confidence Translated Into Me

“I don’t have enough words to describe the level of personal attention to detail that Daniele Johnson put into my case. The first thing I noticed was how much more calm and relaxed she made me feel than other attorneys I had spoken to. This is a huge plus when going through difficult times. Her confidence translated into me being able to perform at my best in my life, while she handled my case. There just aren’t many professionals out there with this level of caring and kindness.”

Pa S.


“I used attorney Daniele Johnson for a modification. I do not have enough good things to say about her. The process went very well. She is very attentive and knowledgeable. I will use her again and I would recommend her to anyone.”

A Satisfied Client

Competent And Ethical Attorney

“I really cannot say enough about how competent and ethical this attorney is. From start to finish she sincerely cared about my case, was highly effective in the court room and actually saved our money at every opportunity. I was in a very intimidating situation with an abusive ex husband and Mrs. Johnson cared deeply about protecting my daughter. We are grateful to have met and worked with her. She restored my faith in attorneys – she is a rare find – and we consistently got everything we sought in court.”

Jamie N.

Open And Fair With Billing

“Daniele handled my divorce. As a male being abused by a female, it was nice that Daniele understood my situation and stood up for me. She is open and fair with billing. While I’ve heard many stories of other people’s lawyers sneaking in charges on billing, Daniele does not operate this way. I would definitely recommend her.”

Lx C.

Attorney Johnson Is Well Versed In Family Law

“Attorney Johnson is well versed in family law. Her suggested plans of action are reasonable and her rates are fair. It is clear she puts her client’s best interests first.”

Kelly M.

She Represented My Divorce With Dignity And Grace

“Mrs. Johnson did an outstanding job with my divorce. She proved to be a great listener, showed compassion for my case. She represented my divorce with dignity and grace. She knows when to fight and when to sit still. I highly recommend MY lawyer and new found friends at Danielle Johnson and Associates.”

Barbara P.


“I sought out Daniele Johnson after reading the reviews on this site. It was my first time having to seek legal services, as I was going through a divorce and a child custody battle. Daniele is very knowledgeable and is really straight forward as it relates to the do’s and don’ts of the case. Her #1 priority is doing what’s best for the child and ensured that I maintained this perspective throughout the case. Daniele is also a beast in the courtroom! Her line of questioning and the way she positions her arguments are professional and impactful. A long story short, I not only won my case but received full custody of my child. I am extremely grateful for the way Daniele fought for my case and took the time to understand my concerns. I would highly recommend Daniele Johnson to anyone going through a divorce or child custody battle!”

A Satisfied Client

A Beautiful Soul

“I highly recommend Daniele Johnson. My son is in my life because of her unwavering devotion to my case. Family court can be heart wrenching at times and depending on the nature of your case very painful. If you want results? If you want a lawyer who will fight for you? Daniele Johnson is the one! She never gave up when the fight looked hopeless. Daniele has a heart of gold and it revealed itself in real-time during my family court proceedings. Her knowledge coupled with the passion for creating a specific goal oriented to her clients far exceeds the expectations of judiciary law and enforcement. Furthermore my lawyer Daniele Johnson has shown me that the decisions we make now for our children can echo an eternity. My son is in my life and we have a new hope. Daniele Johnson was my lawyer and I am forever grateful. Daniele Johnson is held in the highest of regards and a true warrior for families! A beautiful soul!”


Excellent Advocate, Skillful Mediator

“I came to see Daniele because she was very highly recommended to me by a professional acquaintance. She did not disappoint! Her reputation as someone who gets things done, especially in dealing with difficult people, is what led me to what would become a very successful partnership through a divorce that can be briefly described as troublesome. She patiently explained all matters to me throughout the legal process, and tenaciously advocated for me every step of the way. Her excellent communication skills and mediation with the opposing legal team greatly impressed me, and made this transition so much easier than I had expected. I’m convinced that Daniele is the driving force behind the positive outcomes in my case.

Daniele gave me a fair rate and made every accommodation for me, which I very much appreciated since I am only working part time. I never felt like I was charged nickel-and-dime for every bit of correspondence and the retaining fee was reasonable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniele to any good friend who is in need of legal service. I cannot emphasize just how reassuring it was to have someone like her on my side, who was able to alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompanies a divorce.”


Amazing For A Bitter Divorce

“Daniele was an absolute God send for me in my divorce case! She helped me stay focused on what was important. I am one of those “too nice” people and I needed someone with a backbone in my life or I would’ve been majorly screwed. Daniele told me, “you be the client and let me be the lawyer, this is why you paid me!” and it finally kicked in that she was right!!! I needed to get out the way and let her do her job and I am so happy that I did. My ex-husband was trying to fight everything, he didn’t want to pay child support and tried to play like he was the victim in our marriage-the marriage that he had countless affairs in. He even said, the divorce was my fault because I had allowed him to cheat for so long that I had no right to stand up for myself suddenly. Well Daniele checked all of that! She did it professionally and nicely. Left the judge no option but to rule in our favor. If I ever need anything in the future, I will be calling Daniele!!”

A Satisfied Client

Excellent Attorney

“Mrs. Johnson, is an honest, knowledgeable, and caring attorney! She constantly kept me in the loop on everything going on with my divorce case. In addition, she provided great advice in stressful situations. There were many times that I felt like giving up. She would always be right there by my side like a coach. Her kind words and uplifting spirit and extensive knowledge of divorces were dynamic. If someone is looking for a lawyer who will fight for you even when you feel you cannot go any further, she is the one. Do not let her quiet demeanor fool you, she will go to war on your behalf. I retained my home, two cars and so much more than I thought I would have ever received in my divorce. You cannot go wrong selecting this attorney. Mrs. Johnson has a paralegal (Tamara Watts) who is the bomb! When Mrs. Johnson is not available, Tamara will make sure all messages are given, provide feedback, return your call, give updates, listen to you vent, etc. I highly recommend Mrs. Johnson and her entire team. I feel that I made friends for life! Thank you Mrs. Johnson. I could not have made it through this without you!”


Excellent Lawyer!

“Daniele handled my adoption case with my niece. I’ve had her since she was 3 months old, and she turns two in a few months. Daniele made sure that everything was completed correctly and worked meticulously to get the case handled as quickly as possible. On the day of the final adoption hearing, the alleged father finally decided to show up. Daniele argued that he had never legitimated himself or responded to any of the other hearing matters despite receiving proper notice. She was calm but stern. The Judge ruled in our favor, and my niece is forever legally my daughter.”


Modification Of Parenting Agreement

“Daniele helped me with finalizing a modification of my parenting agreement. She listened and quickly assessed the situation, and recommended a strategy to reach a favorable resolution with my ex. Daniele was very knowledgeable with not only the legal terms of my case, but also the court system and judges which would be involved. She was very efficient, and was able to help get the resolution and modification I needed quickly.”



“What I would like to say first is I’m writing this before I know the outcome of our Trial that was 3 days ago. I want to do this to better show my sincerity, honesty, and thought behind this review that Mrs. Johnson deserves. There is not enough space here to talk about our situation so I will shorten this to hope you can visualize what she had to do for us. We live in MI and have custody of my stepson and have been pending trial for almost a year 1/2 through Fulton county. We had a lawyer abandon this case and not show up for hearings in which caused absolute madness! It can’t be described in words what this caused. What happened is after a year 1/2 of preparing for trial stacks of evidence ect. None of this can now be used due to previous attorney not showing to hearing and submitting required forms and things.

Needless to say 1 day before pre trial I call Mrs. Johnson in an extreme panic explaining what has happened and she just listened and was calm and told me that she will go to pre trial Monday and Fix it! I said how? The attorney didn’t show up last hearing and we can’t do this and that. She just said I will take care of it. That she did. Being in MI no chance to plan we did not even need to attend the pre trial. What we did find out is it was impossible to fix the not using documents in Trial due to previous Attorney negligence. Nothing could be done to change this it was the law. A couple more bumps in the road, they schedule a trial during our vacation 1 month later. Somehow Mrs. Johnson was able to get the other attorney to agree to change the date???? Preparing was amazing never missed a step! Not a question! I was so impressed of the way that Mrs. Johnson works. I didn’t understand going through the process until I received a list from her of questions and she was questioning me like I was on the stand. Mrs. Johnson has a strategy and style that is just thorough and professional and makes you feel so confident and comfortable.

Trial day for me I was great! For Mrs. Johnson I didn’t forget the fact that she was not able to use or produce any documents in court that day. However trial day showed me my instincts were correct when I had to make a choice of which attorney to hire and take another chance on. The way she handled every person with respect and the way that evidence was cleverly still used to be seen throughout trial not submitted but seen, and how every objection was re worded so quickly and the same answer was still achieved so quickly without a second thought or frustration. That was truly amazing to me.

Most important to me was before anyone of us went on stand she said I have done this for 17 years and this Judge has been on the stand for many years, whatever you do you tell the truth. If you don’t I will know and so will the Judge. I respect Mrs. Johnson so much for that. If you have a family custody case and you are looking for an attorney please trust me when I say Mrs. Johnson was worth every penny I have.

I will update with the outcome of Trial when we find out. Thank you Mrs. Johnson for cleaning up over a years mess in just a couple weeks!”



“I was a young single mother with a 3 year old. I was broken down and lost due to a previous Attorney that I had hired, who took me for over $25,000 and tried to get my mother to sign over her house in order to continue my case but had accomplished 0 in 6 weeks time. I was facing my ex, who was much older than me, and more financially stable. By luck, I came across Mrs. Daniele Johnson, she worked with me every step of the way. Being my ex was doing well for himself financially, every time he thought he had a chance to take me to court for full custody, he did. He never won, the only accomplishment he made was that we had joint physical custody, and he had his child support reduced by $25.00/month. That was the only reason he continued to take me back to court, he wanted his child support reduced or dismissed.

Mrs. Daniele Johnson could see through his BS regardless of the fake facade he put up to make himself look innocent and truly engaged in his child’s life. Mrs. Johnson made sure she exposed the truth in front of any Judges or court officials. I have been working with Mrs. Johnson for 13 years now. We’ve been through about 6+ hearings together. Every time I have watched her in action I have been impressed. From day one in 2002 to now, she continuously amazes me with her knowledge, growth, understanding, and strength.

As of today, I have custody and child support was increased. My child is now 16 years old. That totally involved, caring parent, that was 100% dedicated to his child, to this day has not spoken to our child. And he refuses to even see his child. Thanks to Mrs. Daniele Johnson she helped me prove to the courts his true colors.”


Solid family attorney

“It was a pleasure working with Daniele. She guided me through my divorce and maintained her professionalism, though I was on an emotional roller coaster. Daniele is practical and really works hard to provide sound advice in an economically feasible manner. In my case, she provided guidance on ways to minimize cost but reach my desired result. Daniele was responsive to errors that needed to be corrected in a timely manner and was available when I needed her assistance. I would recommend her legal services.”


Its been a pleasure working with Daniele as my lawyer

“I needed help in my custody dispute with my sons’ mother and I hired Daniele. She was very knowledgeable and thorough. I am very happy with the outcome as she got a lot more than I expected done for me. I had a great experience working with her and I will recommend to anyone needing a family attorney. Thanks Daniele”


Very honest without sugar coating

“Ms. Johnson took on my very unique & challenging case. She never told me we would win everything. When I had to make tough decisions she was honest and clear about my options. When we won portions of the case we celebrated, when we lost she provided clear guidance on next steps. I could not have asked for a better legal team on my side. I am grateful for the time and attention given to my case.”


Awesome Attorney!

“Ms. Johnson is truly a warrior in my book. She took on my case when no other lawyer in Atlanta would. Along with her knowledge and tenacity she brought justice to my situation. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a lawyer with integrity!

Great job and keep up the good work!”


Daniele helped!

“Daniele helped me fix my divorce settlement that I tried to do myself. I really can’t say anything bad about her. She is very professional and patient and I really felt like I had someone in my corner.”


Trustworthy and Caring

“I first walked into Ms. Johnson’s office when I was 4 months pregnant with my first baby and scared to death of what laid ahead. My ex made every attempt to bully, manipulate, control and dictate my prenatal appointments and the eventual custody arrangement of my son since 6 weeks into my pregnancy. He made demands centered around his interest with no regard for my rights and no room for boundaries. Without knowing where else to turn I took one small step with a phone call to the domestic violence hotline. That led me to free counseling in my county and that therapist directed me to Ms. Johnson. Through the confusion and fear of exiting an abusive relationship and the fog of pregnancy I kept the words of the therapist in the back of my head and recited them to myself often “Daniele will take care of you”. Those words provided one of the few sources of comfort I could muster during a very difficult time. Since that day, almost two years ago, Ms. Johnson has fought continuously for my case. Her Guardian Ad Litem background and parental instincts was spot on throughout the process. There were many layers to my complicated case including a list of over 20 witnesses. At the center of all this mess I had a precious baby boy to protect. Ms. Johnson never lost sight of who her real client was. I was fighting for my son and she fought for us. There are 2 qualities about Ms. Johnson that stand out above the rest (1) her trustworthiness. I permitted her to handle my affairs with my minimal involvement during the final stage of pregnancy and first few weeks home from the hospital (2) she does not allow herself or her clients to be bullied. When my son’s fathers behavior began to escalate during my initial attempts at visitation she kept a finger on the pulse of my struggles and helped me establish healthy boundaries which my ex never did respect. She recognized I had truly tried my best and continuing that pattern would have been enabling the very abuse I fought to escape.

Ultimately my ex voluntarily withdrew his petition to legitimate. Despite the momentary relief, Ms. Johnson was vigorous in thinking ahead and strategically taking action to establish a record trail and lay the ground work should a future need arise to protect my interest again.”


Excellent Divorce Attorney!

“There are not enough words to describe Attorney Johnson. She is a great lawyer and provides exceptional service. She is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. She handled my divorce with care, kept me updated on a weekly basis, and provided me with support throughout the divorce. I was only looking for child support and a vehicle. When the divorce was finalized I was granted 2 vehicles, 53,000 in back Child support, and my current child support doubled!! This was a hard process for me and I couldn’t have done it without Attorney Johnson!! She is the best!!”


The Best

“I just ran across Daniele’s name on google when I was search best Divorce Attorney for a friend of mine. Daniele helped with my divorce years ago and made sure that I received proper alimony and child support. I completely forget to mention her to my friend and though my friend lives in another state, I will give her Daniele’s name.

I searched from an Atlanta Computer and did not realize that I had to put the location of my friend’s state and city. I was simply trying to assist her in finding her some options. A warm fuzzy came over me when I saw the name and though I prefer to keep this review private, I hope that one of you will read this and hire Daniele. I really cannot say enough about how great she handled the process. Thanks again to Daniele and Lawyers that really care about their clients.”

A Satisfied Client

I’m very pleased…

“I wanted a lawyer with significant divorce experience, and fortunately for me, Daniele’s firm was listed on my company’s legal benefit plan.

And while the divorce process is usually negative in that two people are ending a marriage, my experience with Daniele and Tamara was excellent… their professionalism, thoroughness, and email updates made the process go smoother than I expected.”



“This was a difficult case and I just wanted to say if you need an Attorney that really cares, this is your Lady. She is professional and experienced. Thanks !!”


Handled an alimony case for me

“She was very helpful in explaining the details of my case. She was up front and honest with me about the likely outcomes. Kept me up to date with a pretty complicated paper trail and helped me to get to a resolution I could live with.”


A year ago…

“Almost a year ago, I was planning to leave my wife and I had just met yet another attorney. I work with a lot of attorneys in my professional life, and his advice just seemed a little “off-base”. I had noticed Daniele’s firm in a local directory shortly afterward, and decided to call and schedule a meeting with her. I am so glad I did!

I am in the employee benefits area, and working with Daniele is different than what I have experienced with many of the attorneys that I have worked with in the past. She has a very collaborative approach, and I really felt like she was working WITH me during the process. Daniele asked for my input, and more importantly, listened to what I had to say. She personally checked in with me periodically (her timing was always just right), and at one point, offered some really exceptional “non-legal/person-to-person” advice about my situation.

Daniele’s practice is very flexible, and she (and her staff) seemed to handle changes effortlessly. For example, my wife decided that she really wanted to be served at home. It was the eleventh hour, and I asked Daniele whether that would be possible. She acted quickly, and somehow rearranged everything to make it happen!

Daniele’s advice was always thoughtful and well-timed. Ultimately, my wife and I decided to work on our relationship, and not proceed with the divorce. I shared some of my lingering concerns with Daniele, and she suggested an extremely clever legal solution. Absolute perfection!!

Bottom Line: I know that hiring an attorney is an important decision, and I can confidently state that hiring Daniele was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!”



“I first met Attorney Johnson in 2012 when she spoke at a women’s retreat which I attended. I was moved by her compassion for women/families facing divorce. Her demeanor exuded confidence, strength, caring, trust, knowledge, and experience. At the time I was broken, afraid, and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but she assured me that it was there. Daniele was patient, considerate of my feelings, treated me with respect, she was always interested in knowing how my children (and my pets!) were doing in the midst of everything. She was not wasteful of my money nor my time, and kept me abreast of all activities regarding my case as we went along. She was supportive, a good listener, and always had my best interest at heart. She is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you because she can get down with the best of them; she is fearless, not easily intimidated, knows her stuff, and is a force to be reckoned with (she certainly made a believer out of my ex!) My divorce is now final and ended in my favor. I have not had any other dealings with the court system therefore I have no other attorneys to compare her to, but what I can say is that I entreated the Lord for an excellent attorney, and he blessed me with Daniele.”


Amazing, Totally Worth The 4 1/2 Yrs It Took To Get There!!!

“Daniele did an amazing job! I have a very complicated guardianship/termination of parental rights case that has been going on for almost 5 years. She was able to assure guardianship even with us moving from one state to another. She also was able to terminate the Fathers parental rights which were extremely important due to his background. I had been told by previous lawyers that this would never be approved even with our overwhelming case for it. Daniele was amazing and was able to assure everything we had been fighting for such a long time.”


Simply the Best there is!

“I am Al and i am a client of Ms. Daniele Johnson. What else can I say but wow, amazing, stupendous, awesome, magnificent Can you believe that there is a lawyer who has the heart, passion, desire, Intelligence and will to not only serve her client, but most importantly what is in the best interest of the children. My Daniele Johnson is the best lawyer ever.

As a father going through divorce i was told fathers had no chance to get primary of the children. Because of Ms. Johnson i Have primary custody of my children…Fathers, if you want a true warrior with the ultimate weapon to protect your children and your rights, give Ms. Johnson a call. My ex tried to get me to be alone with her. With Daniele’s guidance i refused my ex’s “let’s try to make it work” and only thought of what is in the best interest of the children. That kept me safe and helped me to get custody. Daniele’s secret and most fierce weapon is her 1st thought. “What is best for the children”. If u want custody of your children, for the right reasons, Daniele is ferocious when it comes to what is best for the children and will fight till the end.”


Attorney Endorsement

“I worked closely with Daniele many years ago at a family law firm. Daniele was and is very knowledgeable in the area of family law. the highest compliment a lawyer can give is to refer a client to another lawyer. I would absolutely refer a client to Daniele because I trust her and know she brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice.”


Attorney Endorsement

“Having known Daniele for years and worked with her on cases many times, I have always known Daniele to fight for her clients’ rights and best interests, give solid, straight-forward advice, and assist clients in making the best choice for their lives and resources. She holds her ground with opposing counsel, yet is sensitive with clients during emotionally difficult times. She helps clients stay focused on the big picture and their individual long-range goals.”


Lawyer who works with military families and victims of family violence. She gets the job done well. We are so grateful.

“I am so grateful for Daniel Johnson’s services and performance in my case. I was only married to my ex-husband for a few months before I discovered that was violent and abusive. Additionally, he had disturbing issues with sexual addiction, prostitution and pornography. I left him when my daughter was six months old. He had limited visitation with her at a visitation center, followed by supervised and then unsupervised visits. My number one objective has always been to keep her safe. He continued to take me to court to lower child support and I always settled with him because visitation remained limited.

Fortunately, I have a close friend who is a domestic violence counselor. She was familiar with the patterns and strategies of abusers. She recommended that I undergo counseling and read two books by Lundy Bandcroft entitled ‘Why does he do that?’ and ‘ When Dad hurts Mom’. Again I learned that abusers have very predictable patterns of behavior. I choose not to date for 2 years, continued counseling and learned a lot about domestic violence and the court system. I eventually meet a wonderful man, married and notified my ex-husband that we would be moving to Hawaii as my husband was in the military. He countered and sought custody of my daughter. Needless to say I was terrified. Additionally, I was pregnant with my second daughter and was placed on bed rest.

I asked my close friend if she would recommend an attorney and she said that Danielle Johnson was the only attorney she trusted and that she had a strong history of winning against abusers. I read her reviews and decided to hire her firm.

Mrs. Johnson was WONDERFUL.. She was professional and assertive and she caught things my other attorney had missed. For instance, my ex could not take me to court for custody of my daughter in the state of Georgia. He had to go to court in the state in which we lived. She did not let opposing counsel talk over her or intimidate her and she made it very clear to my ex that he was not to communicate with or intimidate me. I was able to focus on my pregnancy and my family and trust that Mrs. Johnson would take care of our case.

My ex eventually fired his attorney, seeing that Mrs. Johnson had made such a strong case for me and settled with us on a visitation plan of 2 weeks a year. We are free to move to Hawaii and move on as a family. My second daughter was born shortly after we settled and I have never been happier.

I loved working with Mrs. Johnson. As her reviews state, she looked after our finances, kept expenses as low as possible and most importantly, really cared about us and our family. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and I would recommend her to everyone.”

Jamie N.

Highly recommended

“I was referred to Ms. Johnson by a friend. I went to Ms. Johnson for an initial consultation and I was pleased with her credentials and knowledge of family law. She was informative about the divorce/separation process and her fees were reasonable.

Ms. Johnson and her staff were good about getting back to you right away with answers to all the questions that come up when you start the process of filing. I would highly recommended her to other people.”


Excellent Lawyer with Strong Customer Service Focus

“I asked for a reference through my company’s legal benefit program and they gave a list of 10 lawyers. After doing a bit a research, I reached out to Daniele. Immediately, I felt a connection – she was very customer service oriented and when I explained I traveled extensively for work and had limited time availability, she accommodated my needs. She even exchanged emails in the evenings – which allowed me to turn around a rather complex financial related document I needed in a very short time frame (within 5 days, quite impressive). The quality of her work was also top notch – she is very knowledgeable and thorough – I highly recommend Daniele Johnson.”


Professional Attorney

“I rated Attorney Johnson Excellent and that is not an over statement. I needed a divorce lawyer and she was on my legal plan. She is in every way a professional in her knowledge of divorce proceedings, as well as, her knowledge of client relationship. The advice given to me during my divorce has allowed me to leave a terrible situation debit free and a very needed peace of mind. Her approach to challenges and difficult questions, only brings out her professionalism. I am, and will always be grateful for Attorney Johnson helping me through a very difficult time in my life.”


Couldn’t be better

“I met Daniele and immediately I felt at ease. Even though my English isn’t yet perfect, she made me feel right at home and went over everything with me. She was very professional in court and office.”

Jonathan Simpleton


“Ms. Johnson is one of the few professionals I have ever met that has a strong conviction to do the right thing. She got me the visitation I needed with my son and made sure the opposing party realized how important the father’s role is in a child’s life. She is a very patient and caring person but very direct when needed. She was a Godsend!”


Recently Hired Daniele Johnson

“We were 100% satisfied with Daniele.. Our guardianship case was a bit complex and it was obvious she was very knowledgeable. She or her assistant kept us up to date with her progress, and if we had questions, immediately returned our calls/emails. We had no complaints, and will use her again.”


Excellence is an Understatement

“Daniele Johnson is a caring and passionate Attorney that knows her Craft. She fights for her Clients and believes that each and everyone deserves to be treated with the respect they deserve. All to often Clients experience very little interaction once they hire an Attorney. Daniele Johnson prides herself in being available during Office Hours.”


Professional & Excellent Family Law Attorney

“I highly endorse and recommend Daniele Johnson for her legal knowledge, experience and actions. She successfully represented me to the highest expertise, degree and standards in my legal matter. I would highly recommend Daniele because of her legal character, resolve and results she obtains.”


Daniele Johnson Rocks!!!

“I just went through a divorce with my wife who just knew she would get custody of our 6 year old son. Her and her family’s assumption was that the mother “always” gets the child. Well, not in my case thanks to Daniele!! I got custody of our son and my ex now pays me a significant amount of child support each month. I believe I found Daniele through a combination of serendipity and Divine Intervention. When I hired Daniele we had no time spare – my trial was only about a week away. However, Daniele was always calm, courteous, and professional, while at the same time thinking strategically and remaining matter-of-factly. I was very impressed with how resolute she was in her preparations and her level of confidence. A couple of times I actually heard her say, “I’m going to get custody of that child”.

I remember meeting with Daniele late the day before the trial and hammering out our strategy and approach. Working together, we were able to come up with a plan of attack that caught my ex and her attorney off guard! You should have seen the looks on their faces! Her attorney then wanted the judge to postpone the trial – but Daniele resisted. They had not wanted to push the trial date for us, so why should we allow them to do it at the last minute? In the end, everyone agreed the trial would go on as originally planned. The outcome: we won!! My ex was devastated and has now switched attorneys to attempt a fruitless appeal, when before the ruling she thought her first attorney walked on water.

Sitting beside Daniele in court gave me another opportunity to see just how talented, resourceful and intelligent she is. During the entire trial, she would make little notes and bullet points – all while listening to opposing counsel and me at times. I thought these were just little reminders. However, at the end of the trial, she wove all of those loose notes and “scribblings” into one of the most effective and eloquent closing arguments I have ever heard! I was floored and opposing counsel looked stunned and drained.

One of the most important things for me is that Daniele remains even tempered. There were times that I wanted to make some unilateral decisions regarding my ex’s visitation (and sometimes still do), but Daniele advised against it. Her experience, helps her keep both sides in perspective to ensure I don’t do anything to harm my cause in the eyes of the court. She is also very responsive and candid, and will let you know the good and the bad related to your case.

The other positive reviews are right on point. You would not regret hiring Daniele Johnson to handle your case. Obviously, she can’t guarantee a certain outcome – no one can – but you can rest assured she is a fighter and will get the best outcome possible for you. I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends who are about to go through their own divorces. Therefore, I highly recommend that you call Daniele today and get her started working for you and your family – and hope that your ex has not found her first! LOL!”



“Daniele does a terrific job for her clients. She is energetic, hard working and dedicated to the task.”

John Mayoue

The perfect balance of caring and professional

“First off, Daniele is the perfect balance of caring and professional, something that most attorneys truly lack. When my husband and I came to her, we had just fired our other attorney of almost 2 years because we felt that he was just taking our money. We had hired the former attorney to fight a legitimation that my son’s biological father filed, 3 years after my son was born out of wedlock (and my son never had never known my ex). We lost the trial despite current caselaw (and evidence that my ex is not the saint he proclaimed to be), and because of the situation were urged by my then-attorney to appeal, which we did, and after almost 2 years we lost at both the Appellate and Superior Courts. In the process, we spent almost $30k! I found Daniele through a legal aid program at my work when my husband was offered a job in Hawaii… I was advised by the first attorney to just give a 30 days notice and just leave; basically allow my ex to take me to court after he received my notice and to deal with him then. Another (male) attorney advised me the same thing. THANK GOD I did not send that letter before meeting with Daniele! She was stunned first of all that we were allowed to go to trial for a legitimation (that she said she knew would have been granted to begin with), and that we had been urged to appeal twice. She was even more appalled that 2 men who had been practicing law for over 25 years each, would give me such boneheaded advice about leaving for Hawaii! Thankfully, Daniele was understanding and sympathetic to mine and my husband’s plight about giving my son the opportunity for a better life elsewhere (with an ex who wanted to make my life as miserable as possible) and took our case. My ex tried to throw several curve balls our way, but Daniele in all her wisdom helped guide us through the nonsense. Her calm demeanor has certainly earned her positive rapport amongst other attorneys and the different courts in other counties. When the first mediation fell through with my ex, my husband and I were preparing to spend more $$ and go to trial. Daniele said she would not let it go there! Long story short, just this week, when I least expected it (it STILL has not hit me!), we worked out a plan in mediation that allowed me, my husband, and my son to move to Hawaii!! It happened so much sooner than any of us expected, and that it even happened at all is nothing short of a miracle! My only regret is that I had not found Daniele sooner. In speaking with her, she would have easily saved us tens of thousands and 2 years of bitter heartache if I had her representing us in the beginning. Just goes to show that just because someone costs a lot, it does not mean they are after your best interest! I have only the highest praise for Daniele. She made the seemingly impossible happen, and she truly wanted the best for me and my family. I cannot express enough how comforting it is to have someone care enough to really believe in you, and not just take your money and say that they do. Thank you, Daniele!”

A Satisfied Client


“I had the pleasure to work with Attorney Daniele Johnson recently and must say that I was not only impressed with her Approach and what she stands for, but also her compassion for her clients. She told me that once her clients sit down in her office, she gives them her undivided attention. Her Goal is to assist her clients in all their legal matters as well as make them feel at ease during this difficult process. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for Attorney Daniele Johnson after speaking to her about her Law Practice. She is kind and patient with the people around her.

I recommend this Attorney to anyone that is facing legal family law matters.”

Ellen Jackson

Smart and Compassionate

“Ms. Johnson is a smart and compassionate family law attorney. She truly cares about her clients and is particularly outstanding in issues involving children and their best interests. I would highly recommend her.”

Jennifer Pinson-Harvey

Coast to Coast

“Daniele Johnson came highly recommended to me and I am very happy that I called her. She was very professional, knowledgable, and caring. She helped me to get what was very fair out of a bad situation. I have worked with other lawyers in the past and wish that I had known about Daniele before- she would have saved me a great deal of money, time, and aggravation!”


Family Violence Attorney

“I hired Ms. Johnson to represent me in a divorce which also involved Domestic Abuse. Ms. Johnson’s knowledgeable and compassionate approach to my case helped to make a difficult situation more manageable. Her ability to stay calm, focused, and advocate for what was in my best interests and the best interests of my children without wavering from her stance was impressive. She confidently handled my protective order, settlement agreement, and parenting plan to reflect an outcome with which I was very pleased. She stood firm ground on my behalf despite attempts by the other party to delay, distract, and manipulate the case. Her approach to resolution was realistic and straight forward and did not waste time trying to achieve results that were unlikely to be awarded at trial.

Especially important to note are her very fair billing practices. While working with Ms. Johnson, it was clear that she had concern for the well being of me, her client (and my children), and not running up the bill. There were several times she advised me on actions that actually saved me money rather than making more money for herself.

I would definitely recommend Ms. Johnson to anyone looking for legal representation in a family matter.”


Advocate for women and children

“Ms. Johnson took over my case when a previous attorney was not advocating for me or for my children. She has been a wonderful resource for me though out my divorce process. She is concerned about her client’s welfare first and foremost, and she thinks strategically to ensure that she helps me put my best foot forward with the court and with my ex. She is compassionate and yet realistic at the same time. I am thankful to have found her and to have her on my team. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a divorce attorney or family violence counsel. She has been my greatest advocate and I only wish that I had hired her earlier in my process.”


Knowledgeable and Detailed

“I was referred to Daniele through several attorneys in the Metro Atlanta area who told me she was the best in Cobb County. After meeting with her (btw, she has an excellent location…right off of 285 and 75), I was fully confident. She was very quick and communicated very well with me. She handled my case from beginning to end with a smile on her face, and her rate was very good. I shopped around a lot and she was the best combination of being knowledgeable, nice, and detailed.”


Well worth it

“After interviewing several different attorney’s to represent me in my divorce, I chose Daniele. I contacted her based upon great reviews I’d read on another website. I had several important areas, one of which was trying to get 50/50 custody of my son. I was told in Cobb County that judges always assign custody to the mother and I would only get every other weekend. Well, I got 50/50 and she made it happen! I also had several assets which needed to be divided and she was instrumental in ensuring it was completed fairly. There were other issues she diligently resolved as well, my ex did not disclose her actual income and it resulted in significantly less support being paid by me. Lastly, I would like to add that she was very affordable for my county, which was a big factor for me as well.”


She was incredible!

“Danielle was incredible. I truly felt like we were working as a team to resolve my case. She is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I was in a bit of a financial bind and she worked with me to arrange payments that were within my budget.”



“Daniele was really great in court questioning my deadbeat ex-husband. She got him to admit under oath he was doing drugs and taking no effort to pay child support. Before court, she was honest with me about what legal action I should take regarding my case. Other lawyers suggested additional actions that would have only cost me more money and gained me nothing.”



“EXCELLENT!!! Daniele went far beyond my expectations! My case was extremely hard, due to the fact I had a previous attorney that didn’t do what was supposed to be done. Daniele had to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in the middle of my case. She got the job done! I recommend her to EVERYONE I know !!”


Straight Shooter

“Daniele Johnson came highly recommended to me and I am very happy that I called her. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. She helped me to get what was very fair out of a bad situation. I have worked with other lawyers in the past and wish that I had known about Daniele before- she would have saved me a great deal of money, time, and aggravation!”


Very Happy

“I was quite happy with Daniele Johnson’s approach to making sure all my t’s were crossed and my i’s dotted when handling my recent divorce. I found her quite easy to deal with, and appreciate her “straight-shooter” personality style. I would certainly use her again for any family law matter.”

Rob T.

Coast To Coast

“Daniele Johnson came highly recommended to me by one of my colleagues from work. At the time of my divorce, I was temporarily living and working in California. The case was filed in Cobb County. I couldn’t get any legal advice in California because the divorce laws differ greatly between states.

I spoke with Daniele from the West Coast and she immediately made me feel comfortable about my case. Not only is Daniele a very knowledgeable lawyer, but she is an outstanding listener and communicator. Due to the distance, all of our communication and correspondence was via the phone and email. I didn’t meet Daniele until the day of our mediation hearing. When we met, I was very impressed with her organizational skills and her attention to detail. The case went well and thanks to her, things worked out fine for me. I only had to make the one trip to Atlanta, which saved my time and money. She was able to take care of several other case related issues without me having to be present.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Daniele to anyone needing legal assistance.”

A Satisfied Client

Daniele Johnson Is Impressive!

“Ms. Johnson is a great attorney. She is knowledgeable, dependable, fair and very accommodating. I have been most impressed with her creativity in solving problems that other attorneys told me were not correctable. Additionally, Ms. Johnson has many years of GAL experience, that have proven invaluable to me and many of her clients.”

A Satisfied Client