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February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

The perfect balance of caring and professional

“First off, Daniele is the perfect balance of caring and professional, something that most attorneys truly lack. When my husband and I came to her, we had just fired our other attorney of almost 2 years because we felt that he was just taking our money. We had hired the former attorney to fight a legitimation that my son’s biological father filed, 3 years after my son was born out of wedlock (and my son never had never known my ex). We lost the trial despite current caselaw (and evidence that my ex is not the saint he proclaimed to be), and because of the situation were urged by my then-attorney to appeal, which we did, and after almost 2 years we lost at both the Appellate and Superior Courts. In the process, we spent almost $30k! I found Daniele through a legal aid program at my work when my husband was offered a job in Hawaii… I was advised by the first attorney to just give a 30 days notice and just leave; basically allow my ex to take me to court after he received my notice and to deal with him then. Another (male) attorney advised me the same thing. THANK GOD I did not send that letter before meeting with Daniele! She was stunned first of all that we were allowed to go to trial for a legitimation (that she said she knew would have been granted to begin with), and that we had been urged to appeal twice. She was even more appalled that 2 men who had been practicing law for over 25 years each, would give me such boneheaded advice about leaving for Hawaii! Thankfully, Daniele was understanding and sympathetic to mine and my husband’s plight about giving my son the opportunity for a better life elsewhere (with an ex who wanted to make my life as miserable as possible) and took our case. My ex tried to throw several curve balls our way, but Daniele in all her wisdom helped guide us through the nonsense. Her calm demeanor has certainly earned her positive rapport amongst other attorneys and the different courts in other counties. When the first mediation fell through with my ex, my husband and I were preparing to spend more $$ and go to trial. Daniele said she would not let it go there! Long story short, just this week, when I least expected it (it STILL has not hit me!), we worked out a plan in mediation that allowed me, my husband, and my son to move to Hawaii!! It happened so much sooner than any of us expected, and that it even happened at all is nothing short of a miracle! My only regret is that I had not found Daniele sooner. In speaking with her, she would have easily saved us tens of thousands and 2 years of bitter heartache if I had her representing us in the beginning. Just goes to show that just because someone costs a lot, it does not mean they are after your best interest! I have only the highest praise for Daniele. She made the seemingly impossible happen, and she truly wanted the best for me and my family. I cannot express enough how comforting it is to have someone care enough to really believe in you, and not just take your money and say that they do. Thank you, Daniele!”

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