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February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)


“What I would like to say first is I’m writing this before I know the outcome of our Trial that was 3 days ago. I want to do this to better show my sincerity, honesty, and thought behind this review that Mrs. Johnson deserves. There is not enough space here to talk about our situation so I will shorten this to hope you can visualize what she had to do for us. We live in MI and have custody of my stepson and have been pending trial for almost a year 1/2 through Fulton county. We had a lawyer abandon this case and not show up for hearings in which caused absolute madness! It can’t be described in words what this caused. What happened is after a year 1/2 of preparing for trial stacks of evidence ect. None of this can now be used due to previous attorney not showing to hearing and submitting required forms and things.

Needless to say 1 day before pre trial I call Mrs. Johnson in an extreme panic explaining what has happened and she just listened and was calm and told me that she will go to pre trial Monday and Fix it! I said how? The attorney didn’t show up last hearing and we can’t do this and that. She just said I will take care of it. That she did. Being in MI no chance to plan we did not even need to attend the pre trial. What we did find out is it was impossible to fix the not using documents in Trial due to previous Attorney negligence. Nothing could be done to change this it was the law. A couple more bumps in the road, they schedule a trial during our vacation 1 month later. Somehow Mrs. Johnson was able to get the other attorney to agree to change the date???? Preparing was amazing never missed a step! Not a question! I was so impressed of the way that Mrs. Johnson works. I didn’t understand going through the process until I received a list from her of questions and she was questioning me like I was on the stand. Mrs. Johnson has a strategy and style that is just thorough and professional and makes you feel so confident and comfortable.

Trial day for me I was great! For Mrs. Johnson I didn’t forget the fact that she was not able to use or produce any documents in court that day. However trial day showed me my instincts were correct when I had to make a choice of which attorney to hire and take another chance on. The way she handled every person with respect and the way that evidence was cleverly still used to be seen throughout trial not submitted but seen, and how every objection was re worded so quickly and the same answer was still achieved so quickly without a second thought or frustration. That was truly amazing to me.

Most important to me was before anyone of us went on stand she said I have done this for 17 years and this Judge has been on the stand for many years, whatever you do you tell the truth. If you don’t I will know and so will the Judge. I respect Mrs. Johnson so much for that. If you have a family custody case and you are looking for an attorney please trust me when I say Mrs. Johnson was worth every penny I have.

I will update with the outcome of Trial when we find out. Thank you Mrs. Johnson for cleaning up over a years mess in just a couple weeks!”

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