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February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

Trustworthy and Caring

“I first walked into Ms. Johnson’s office when I was 4 months pregnant with my first baby and scared to death of what laid ahead. My ex made every attempt to bully, manipulate, control and dictate my prenatal appointments and the eventual custody arrangement of my son since 6 weeks into my pregnancy. He made demands centered around his interest with no regard for my rights and no room for boundaries. Without knowing where else to turn I took one small step with a phone call to the domestic violence hotline. That led me to free counseling in my county and that therapist directed me to Ms. Johnson. Through the confusion and fear of exiting an abusive relationship and the fog of pregnancy I kept the words of the therapist in the back of my head and recited them to myself often “Daniele will take care of you”. Those words provided one of the few sources of comfort I could muster during a very difficult time. Since that day, almost two years ago, Ms. Johnson has fought continuously for my case. Her Guardian Ad Litem background and parental instincts was spot on throughout the process. There were many layers to my complicated case including a list of over 20 witnesses. At the center of all this mess I had a precious baby boy to protect. Ms. Johnson never lost sight of who her real client was. I was fighting for my son and she fought for us. There are 2 qualities about Ms. Johnson that stand out above the rest (1) her trustworthiness. I permitted her to handle my affairs with my minimal involvement during the final stage of pregnancy and first few weeks home from the hospital (2) she does not allow herself or her clients to be bullied. When my son’s fathers behavior began to escalate during my initial attempts at visitation she kept a finger on the pulse of my struggles and helped me establish healthy boundaries which my ex never did respect. She recognized I had truly tried my best and continuing that pattern would have been enabling the very abuse I fought to escape.

Ultimately my ex voluntarily withdrew his petition to legitimate. Despite the momentary relief, Ms. Johnson was vigorous in thinking ahead and strategically taking action to establish a record trail and lay the ground work should a future need arise to protect my interest again.”

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