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February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

A Beautiful Soul

“I highly recommend Daniele Johnson. My son is in my life because of her unwavering devotion to my case. Family court can be heart wrenching at times and depending on the nature of your case very painful. If you want results? If you want a lawyer who will fight for you? Daniele Johnson is the one! She never gave up when the fight looked hopeless. Daniele has a heart of gold and it revealed itself in real-time during my family court proceedings. Her knowledge coupled with the passion for creating a specific goal oriented to her clients far exceeds the expectations of judiciary law and enforcement. Furthermore my lawyer Daniele Johnson has shown me that the decisions we make now for our children can echo an eternity. My son is in my life and we have a new hope. Daniele Johnson was my lawyer and I am forever grateful. Daniele Johnson is held in the highest of regards and a true warrior for families! A beautiful soul!”

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Daniele Johnson & Associates provides strong and compassionate legal representation for all types of Family law cases in GA.