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“I was a young single mother with a 3 year old. I was broken down and lost due to a previous Attorney that I had hired, who took me for over $25,000 and tried to get my mother to sign over her house in order to continue my case but had accomplished 0 in 6 weeks time. I was facing my ex, who was much older than me, and more financially stable. By luck, I came across Mrs. Daniele Johnson, she worked with me every step of the way. Being my ex was doing well for himself financially, every time he thought he had a chance to take me to court for full custody, he did. He never won, the only accomplishment he made was that we had joint physical custody, and he had his child support reduced by $25.00/month. That was the only reason he continued to take me back to court, he wanted his child support reduced or dismissed.

Mrs. Daniele Johnson could see through his BS regardless of the fake facade he put up to make himself look innocent and truly engaged in his child’s life. Mrs. Johnson made sure she exposed the truth in front of any Judges or court officials. I have been working with Mrs. Johnson for 13 years now. We’ve been through about 6+ hearings together. Every time I have watched her in action I have been impressed. From day one in 2002 to now, she continuously amazes me with her knowledge, growth, understanding, and strength.

As of today, I have custody and child support was increased. My child is now 16 years old. That totally involved, caring parent, that was 100% dedicated to his child, to this day has not spoken to our child. And he refuses to even see his child. Thanks to Mrs. Daniele Johnson she helped me prove to the courts his true colors.”

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