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“Daniele was really great in court questioning my deadbeat ex-husband. She got him to admit under oath he was doing drugs and taking no effort to pay child support. Before court, she was honest with me about what legal action I should take regarding my case. Other lawyers suggested additional actions that would have only cost me more money and gained me nothing.”

– Clare

Meet Attorney Daniele Johnson: A Strong Advocate For You

Some people think that choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer is the best step forward. They assume these lawyers will “fight” harder for them in court, but that is not always true. A combative lawyer in family court is not necessarily a good lawyer.

As you restructure your family and move to new beginnings, hiring a family law attorney who understands how to be reasonable and calm – but firm when it matters – can be the choice you do not regret. Ms. Johnson brings the hope of better days to you by drawing from her experience of many years serving her clients and anticipating their legal needs. She knows that timing is everything. A time to dig her heels in and a time to negotiate for a judicious resolution.

Daniele Johnson

Daniele Johnson