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Maria Banks


Maria Banks is a senior litigation paralegal, specializing in family law with more than 20 years’ experience providing attorneys and clients during some of the most challenging times of their lives. My background has equipped me with the empathy and understanding necessary to navigate sensitive situations with discretion and care.

My expertise lies in case preparation, client interviews, and court documents filing. I have a proven track record of effectively managing caseloads and facilitating communication between all parties involved. My dedication to advocating for clients’ interests has been a cornerstone of my career.

I have successfully implemented a client management system that improved client satisfaction by 20% through better follow-up and personalized attention.

My aim is to continue to make a positive impact in the field of family law, supporting my team in delivering outstanding legal services and ensuring that every client feels heard and represented.

Maria Banks was born on the Island of Fogo, Cabo Verde and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. I moved to Warner Robins, Georgia in 1999.


  • Bachelor of Science, Business
  • UMASS Boston – Boston, MA
  • Bachelor of Science, Paralegal Studies