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Choose An Attorney With Sharp Instincts In High-Asset Divorce

A person with a high net worth must take extra measures to ensure that their divorce results in a fair resolution. To accomplish this, they will need an experienced, intelligent lawyer to assertively advocate for them.

At the Law Offices of Daniele Johnson, LLC, in Marietta, you will find an attorney who listens carefully to you and discusses your options. Daniele Johnson has over 20 years of experience and will put the knowledge she has gained to work for you. Clients trust her with their most sensitive and detailed divorce concerns, confident that they are in good hands.

Valuing And Dividing The Marital Assets May Be Complex

Couples who have a high net worth typically have sophisticated assets that go far beyond the family home and basic savings accounts. Their assets may include:

  • Multiple residences or vacation homes
  • High-end vehicles
  • Expensive furnishings
  • Collections, such as art, which are worth a considerable amount of money
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable family heirlooms
  • Businesses or professional practices
  • Investment accounts, pensions and retirement accounts
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stock portfolios
  • Life insurance
  • Inheritance

Like any marital assets, these must be valued and ownership must be determined. Georgia uses the principle of equitable distribution of marital assets, which means that the distribution should be fair but not necessarily a half-and-half split. Attorney Johnson understands the importance of this process and will work with experts in relevant fields, such as finances and investments, art, business valuation and real estate. When appropriate, she can also work with forensic accountants to determine if your spouse has hidden assets.

Additional Concerns In High-Asset Cases

It is possible that each spouse has a lucrative career and will, to some degree, maintain their current lifestyle after the divorce. In other cases, however, one spouse may have relatively little or no income. These cases can get complicated and contentious quickly. For example, perhaps one spouse supported the other while that person finished medical school. The spouse who supported them during that time may be entitled to part of the other’s income as a doctor.

You can see why this type of issue can cause problems. Regardless of the role that you had in your marriage, you want to receive the money and assets you deserve and ensure that any spousal support payments are fair.

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