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Understanding The Role Of A Guardian Ad Litem

In contested custody cases, judges are given the doting task of determining the best interest of the child. A guardian ad litem attorney is appointed by the judge to serve as the child’s voice. Daniele Johnson has been serving as a guardian ad litem and has been representing the best interest of children, earning her certification to do so in 2005.

As a working mother of three children, she understands that we have only a limited number of years to place our children on the path of becoming productive members of society. That path begins with providing our children with a stable and loving home environment. Gender is not the determining factor of which parent is better suited to serve as the primary custodial parent. That designation is based solely on the totality of the circumstance, which will be carefully scrutinized by attorney Johnson prior to making her recommendation to the court.

Due to her international background and extensive travel experiences, attorney Johnson is a unique resource for international and intrastate custody matters. Over 20 years ago, she met her European husband while studying in Africa. Since then, she and her husband have traveled the globe along with their three children. She is willing and capable of traveling wherever the investigation brings her, whether that is across state lines or abroad.

Daniele Johnson appreciates that while your case is pending, your family is in limbo. She strongly believes that, while these cases must be thoroughly investigated, your family needs this crisis to be finalized as expeditiously as possible for the sake of the children’s sense of stability. She will remain vigilant in her efforts until your family gains the closure it so desperately needs.

Daniele Johnson is extremely passionate about her cases, especially when children are involved. Serving as a guardian ad litem attorney is the most direct way Daniele Johnson can help children in crisis, which is the main reason she has devoted her professional career to the practice of family law.

There are several ways a custody dispute can develop, including through legitimation actions, modification of custody suits, divorce or even contempt actions. In the interest of time, expense and judicial economy, she will also encourage the parties to reach an agreement prior to going to trial. This balance has served her, the children, and the courts well in these very difficult cases.