Find the right path with the help of an experienced family law attorney.

An Experienced Child Support Attorney

Divorce or separation can be extremely difficult for both parties, but it can be devastating for any children involved. Wondering why their parents aren’t getting along, believing it may be their fault, and fearing where they will live and go to school can create a lot of anxiety. Being able to reassure them that they will continue to be loved and taken care of can provide a lot of relief. Working with a child support attorney can help you provide them with this reassurance.

For The Benefit Of The Child

The purpose of child support is to allow the child to benefit from the financial support of both parents. This helps them maintain the same quality of life amidst many other changes. Georgia’s child support statute is one of the toughest in the nation. Unlike most states, Georgia determines the amount of child support to be paid by considering the gross monthly income of both parents, not the net income.

Finding a child support attorney with the expertise needed to maneuver the child support worksheets can be a highly valuable resource. This ensures the custodial parent receives the appropriate amount of child support, while the noncustodial parent feels their money is being used in a fit manner.

Daniele Johnson has extensive experience in accurately preparing these worksheets, recognizing when deductions are appropriate and when they are not. No matter which side of custody you are on, a child support attorney can ensure the accurate amount of child support gets to your child.

Modification Of Child Support

Child support will be ordered pursuant to divorce cases, separate maintenance actions, and paternity and legitimation cases. The child support amount will be based on the financial position of the parties at the time of the issuance of the order.

Sometimes, the financial position of the parties will change, and the amount must be adjusted accordingly. If one parent gets a promotion, raise or changes to a higher paying job, or if one parent loses a job or must take a pay cut, the amount of child support can be updated. Whatever the circumstances may be, your child support attorney will need to be a strong advocate to protect your financial interest and the well-being of your child.

A Compassionate Child Support Lawyer Is Here For You

The end of a relationship can be heartbreaking, but taking care of your child is the most important thing to think about. Make sure they are prepared for the future by working with a child support attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Daniele Johnson, LLC, in Marietta at 470-746-6485 for an appointment to learn why having a child support lawyer in your corner can be essential.