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Daniele C. Johnson

Daniele C. Johnson is the owner of Daniele Johnson & Associates. She has spent the majority of her adult life building her litigation skills and knowledge of the practice of family law. Her legal experience began in her second year of law school when she was chosen to clerk for a prestigious mid-size law firm. Her duties included working very closely with the family law attorney by conducting legal research and preparing legal documents. In her third year of law school, she was selected to work for the Legal Aid Society of Central Pennsylvania and became court-certified to actually represent victims of domestic violence. She held both positions until graduating from law school in 1997.

Immediately upon graduating from law school, Daniele Johnson was recruited by the county’s district attorney, to work for him as an assistant district attorney. She was assigned to the child abuse unit, assisting the senior attorney in prosecuting crimes against minors. After serving in this position for approximately two years, she relocated to the suburbs of Atlanta. Shortly thereafter, she was hired as an associate attorney for a family law practice in Marietta, Georgia and has been practicing domestic litigation ever since.

Ms. Johnson has devoted her litigation skills and unsurpassed integrity to helping clients protect their families and financial interests. She is particularly interested in cases involving children. In 2005, she became a certified guardian ad litem in Cobb County. Since then, she has served as guardian ad litem in several surrounding counties, including, Paulding; Gwinnett; Fulton; and Forsyth. As a guardian ad litem and mother of three, Ms. Johnson offers a unique insight in custody disputes. This background helps her maintain an extremely high success rate in cases involving children.

In her years of practicing law, Ms. Johnson has developed a healthy balance between aggressive litigation and practicality. While she is very passionate about the work she does for her clients, she recognizes that sometimes it is best to attempt to compromise and reach an agreement without prolonged litigation.

Ms. Johnson strongly believes in providing honest information to her potential clients. During the initial consult she will give a blunt assessment of your case, prepare a strategy plan, and then work very closely with you to reach the identified goal. Her work ethic has served her clients very well in the past and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Daniele C. Johnson Esq.

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