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contempt2_photoContempt actions are a very effective way to compel a person to follow a court’s order. Although civil by nature, a court has the authority to incarcerate an individual who willfully refuses to follow a court’s order. Contempt actions are used in child support cases, but can also be used against anyone who has violated a child custody/visitation schedule. Often, just the threat of filing for contempt induces the other party to follow the order.

There are times when one parent is fully capable of complying with a child support order, but for whatever reason, will refuse to do so. In cases like these, we not only ask the court to hold the offending party accountable, but we will also ask the court to order that person to reimburse you for the attorneys’ fees related to prosecuting the case.

However, sometimes, due to a change to one’s financial situation, a person truly and legitimately cannot meet the court-ordered child support obligation. Daniele Johnson & Associates will work hard to protect you by obtaining the best possible outcome that is fair to all of the parties involved, including your children.

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