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March 24, 2020 | Comments (0)

Very Competent

Attorney Daniele Johnson was phenomenal from the beginning. I switched attorneys in the middle of my divorce proceedings after having improper legal representation by another divorce firm. I scheduled an in-person initial consultation with Daniele Johnson, and she listened to my concerns and issues related to my divorce proceedings.

Daniele Johnson provided me with excellent legal advice, and she assured me that she could handle the divorce. In addition, she informed me of recommendations that she would have done differently if she had handled the case initially. She was very compassionate, polite, attentive, patient, courteous and professional. After the consultation, I immediately retained her to handle my divorce. Daniele Johnson and her paralegal Tamara were prompt and efficient with returning my phone calls and emails. She provided effective communication, ensured that I clearly understood my rights and keep me abreast of any changes and/or concerns.
Daniele Johnson ensured that I was properly prepared for mediation and hearings. During the divorce she was fierce, confident, poised, displayed a passion for her profession as an attorney and exhibited a strong work ethic.

I am so relieved that I followed my intuition and retained Daniele Johnson. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during the divorce. She was very competent while handing my case. She negotiated with opposing counsel to the very end of the divorce proceedings, and I am blessed with the outcome of the divorce that just settled a few weeks ago. I could not have located a more suitable attorney to assist me in such a life-changing event.
Thank you, Daniele Johnson and your staff, for all of your hard work and efforts.

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