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February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

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“I just ran across Daniele’s name on google when I was search best Divorce Attorney for a friend of mine. Daniele helped with my divorce years ago and made sure that I received proper alimony and child support. I completely forget to mention her to my friend and though my friend lives in another state, I will give her Daniele’s name.

I searched from an Atlanta Computer and did not realize that I had to put the location of my friend’s state and city. I was simply trying to assist her in finding her some options. A warm fuzzy came over me when I saw the name and though I prefer to keep this review private, I hope that one of you will read this and hire Daniele. I really cannot say enough about how great she handled the process. Thanks again to Daniele and Lawyers that really care about their clients.”

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Daniele Johnson & Associates provides strong and compassionate legal representation for all types of Family law cases in GA.