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Jamie N.

February 2, 2017 | Comments (0)

Lawyer who works with military families and victims of family violence. She gets the job done well. We are so grateful.

“I am so grateful for Daniel Johnson’s services and performance in my case. I was only married to my ex-husband for a few months before I discovered that was violent and abusive. Additionally, he had disturbing issues with sexual addiction, prostitution and pornography. I left him when my daughter was six months old. He had limited visitation with her at a visitation center, followed by supervised and then unsupervised visits. My number one objective has always been to keep her safe. He continued to take me to court to lower child support and I always settled with him because visitation remained limited.

Fortunately, I have a close friend who is a domestic violence counselor. She was familiar with the patterns and strategies of abusers. She recommended that I undergo counseling and read two books by Lundy Bandcroft entitled ‘Why does he do that?’ and ‘ When Dad hurts Mom’. Again I learned that abusers have very predictable patterns of behavior. I choose not to date for 2 years, continued counseling and learned a lot about domestic violence and the court system. I eventually meet a wonderful man, married and notified my ex-husband that we would be moving to Hawaii as my husband was in the military. He countered and sought custody of my daughter. Needless to say I was terrified. Additionally, I was pregnant with my second daughter and was placed on bed rest.

I asked my close friend if she would recommend an attorney and she said that Danielle Johnson was the only attorney she trusted and that she had a strong history of winning against abusers. I read her reviews and decided to hire her firm.

Mrs. Johnson was WONDERFUL.. She was professional and assertive and she caught things my other attorney had missed. For instance, my ex could not take me to court for custody of my daughter in the state of Georgia. He had to go to court in the state in which we lived. She did not let opposing counsel talk over her or intimidate her and she made it very clear to my ex that he was not to communicate with or intimidate me. I was able to focus on my pregnancy and my family and trust that Mrs. Johnson would take care of our case.

My ex eventually fired his attorney, seeing that Mrs. Johnson had made such a strong case for me and settled with us on a visitation plan of 2 weeks a year. We are free to move to Hawaii and move on as a family. My second daughter was born shortly after we settled and I have never been happier.

I loved working with Mrs. Johnson. As her reviews state, she looked after our finances, kept expenses as low as possible and most importantly, really cared about us and our family. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and I would recommend her to everyone.”

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