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Wondering How Long the Divorce Process Lasts in Georgia? Ask an Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

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The decision to move forward with a divorce is not one that is made lightly across the board. A partnership coming to an end, whether that end is amicable or not, is not something you want to drag out. When investigating the routes for divorce and seeking a possible Atlanta divorce lawyer, consider the average timeline of a divorce case and what factors might influence the timeline to be even longer.

Naturally, like every marriage, every divorce is different and unique to those facing their own set of circumstances. Keeping that in mind will not only help your stress levels during the course of the proceedings, but it will also make the relationship with your Atlanta divorce lawyer all the more successful.

Contested v. Uncontested

The first step in determining the timeline of divorce proceedings in Atlanta is to first ask whether the divorce is contested of uncontested. To explain:

  • Contested: Meaning any involved party disagrees with any matter pertaining to the divorce agreement.
  • Uncontested: All parties have previously and formally agreed on the matters of the divorce agreement.

If all parties a) come to a formal agreement; and b) a judge is available, an uncontested divorce complaint could be signed within a projected 31 days. In reality, the process can take an additional 30 to 60 days to resolve if any negotiation is required to the terms and conditions of the final divorce agreement.

In the event of any disagreements, the divorce will be considered contested and will then need to be heard, reviewed and decided by the court system before the divorce is obtained. The general timeline for a contested divorce in Georgie, following the 30-day waiting period for an answer to be filed, looks like the following:

  • 30 days for an answer to be filed;
  • Then starting at 6 months of discovery time for both parties, opportunity for motions to be heard before court, then waiting for the trial date.

In some cases, those 6 months can extend to years, depending on what and how much in the agreement is being contested, how much time the parties need to obtain all relevant documents and interview relevant witnesses, etc.

Temper the Timeline with a Skilled Atlanta Divorce Attorney

The timeline outlined above can stretch on even further if either party in the divorce files new motions or seeks proceeding continuance. There may also be delicate considerations regarding child custody or support, alimony agreements and other assets that are often heatedly disputed. When navigating this touchy, emotional minefield, you will want to have an experienced, knowledgeable Atlanta divorce attorney who handles not only divorce cases, but the other critical factors involved in family law to ensure you are protected and looked after from all sides.

Daniele Johnson & Associates is home to Atlanta’s most dedicated divorce lawyers and family law attorneys. If you are considering filing for divorce and want a strong, compassionate and on-her-game attorney to resolve your case, give us a call at (770) 984-5311 or fill out our online contact form and start building your winning case strategy.

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