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New Year’s Resolutions

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Firm News

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment one makes to him or herself to achieve a personal goal by a date certain. The first of the year is the perfect time to make the personal commitment to begin to live the life you deserve.

Whether you achieve that goal by filing for divorce to end a marriage in which you are unhappy; filing a separate maintenance action in an effort to work on reconciliation; deciding to provide a better life for your child by seeking primary custody; requesting a modification of child support so that you can enjoy your hard-earned money more; or finally deciding to enforce your child support order by filing a contempt action against the non-custodial parent, Daniele Johnson & Associates will help you.

For the entire months of January and February, Daniele Johnson will offer a free 30-minute consultation to anyone who mentions this promotion.