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How Does The Process For Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney Work

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If you are suffering from verbal or physical abuse, it is an incredibly delicate situation to navigate. And while the future may seem bleak, with the assistance of a domestic violence attorney, you can develop a safe exit strategy, file a protective order, and make positive steps towards getting your life back. However, how do you start the process or select the right representation to meet your unique needs?

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Seek an Attorney That Specializes in Domestic Violence

When you are in an abusive situation, it can be incredibly challenging to start the process of hiring a domestic violence attorney. However, the best way to begin is to research attorneys in the area that specialize in domestic violence law. This is because they are likely to have worked with other victims of abuse and will have the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you with your case. Once you have found an attorney, if you are able, schedule a consultation with them to learn more about their qualifications.

Questions to Ask Your Domestic Violence Attorney

During your appointment with your domestic violence attorney, ask them the following questions to determine if they will be the right legal partner to represent you.

  • Tell me more about your experience. Ask your attorney about their experience with handling other domestic violence cases and those outcomes. If they have worked with previous clients whose situation mirrors yours, they are more likely to have the insights needed to help you with your case.


  • How will you communicate with me throughout this process? If you are being closely monitored by your abuser, it may be difficult for you to be in regular communication with your domestic violence attorney, especially while you are developing and implementing an exit strategy. As a result, inquire about creating a communication plan that ensures they are available when you can reach them.


  • What do your services cost? It is very common for victims of domestic violence to be fiscally controlled by their abusers, leaving them with little to no funds to pay for representation. If you are in this situation, ask your attorney if they would be willing to lower or waive their fees to represent you, as many work pro bono for these types of cases. They may also be able to point you towards resources that offer legal and financial aid.

Discuss Your Circumstances 

Once you have found a domestic violence attorney you are interested in working with, it is important to share your story with them. While it will be challenging, being open about your circumstances will enable your attorney to create an effective plan of action to best represent you. They can help you with legal matters including filing for divorceseeking child custody, and more to ensure you reach the resolutions you need so you can start your new beginning.

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Making the decision to leave an abusive situation is never simple. But with the assistance of the domestic violence attorneys at Law Offices of Daniele Johnson, LLC, you will have trusted advisors that will be by your side every step of the way so you can regain your safety, security, and sense of self.

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