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Visions Anew Institute In The Trenches

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Firm News

Daniele Johnson is one of the newest board members of the Visions Anew Institute. Since 1998, Visions Anew has been helping individuals through the many stages of divorce. Strategically designed to provide our participants with essential information needed to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of divorce, the Visions Anew board is comprised of several different professionals, including, attorneys; counselors; CPAs; financial advisors; guardian ad litems; and graduates of the program.

Unfortunately, most divorces are not amicable. Instead, the parties become entrenched in battle over custody of the children; a fair division of marital assets; or financial stability after the divorce is final. In cases involving a history of domestic violence, the battle may be over reclaiming one’s identity after suffering years of abuse at the words and hands of their abuser. Regardless of what is at the center of the battle, it is clear that parties in a divorce action are fighting for the life they deserve to have once the divorce is final.

With Visions Anew, you do not have to be in the trenches alone fighting that battle. You are provided with a team of professionals who will be right there with you. The camaraderie begins by attending one of the weekend retreats hosted by the institute. On October 24th – October 26th, Visions Anew will be hosting its 50th survival weekend for women who are either contemplating, currently going through, or have finalized a divorce. To learn more about this event and Visions Anew, please visit the Visions Anew website located at I also recommend visitors to the site to read a few of the testimonials posted about past retreats.

Visions Anew is a wonderful non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to educate and guide men and women through the complex stages of divorce. I believe in its mission and am honored to be a part of the bright future it holds.