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Child Custody Which Type Best Your Family

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As an experienced child custody attorney, Daniele Johnson knows that your entire family is facing difficult circumstances. If you expect a legal battle for custody of your children as part of your divorce process, it’s essential that you first understand the different types of child custody. This will allow you to try to secure the custody arrangement most beneficial to your children.

The Four Different Types of Physical Custody

When you meet with your child custody attorney, she will ensure that you understand the variations of physical custody and then work with you to fight for the best possible solution. There are four main types of physical custody to consider.

Primary custody: When one parent has primary custody, it means the children live with him or her most of the time and the other parent has the legal right to see the children on a consistent schedule. For example, children may live with their mother and see their father one weekday and stay with him every other weekend.

Joint custody: In this arrangement, the children spend roughly the same amount of time with each parent. It typically requires that the parents live in close physical proximity to each other. One example is living at the mother’s home for three days, then going to the father’s home for three days, and back and forth. However, many types of potential joint custody arrangements exist.

Full/Sole Custody: One parent in this custody arrangement has the children with him or her nearly all the time. This can happen when the other parent has proven abusive or has abandoned the family. Since family law judges typically frown on it, you need assistance from a child custody attorney to fight for sole custody.

Split Custody: When parents have two or more children together, some of them may have strong preferences about who they live with most of the time. One parent may be better equipped to handle a child’s needs than the other as well. Split custody refers to multiple children living the majority of the time with different parents.


Legal Custody as Explained by a Child Custody Attorney

Legal custody provides both biological or adoptive parents of a child to have input into major decisions affecting his or her care. Some common examples include medical care, religious training, and education. Both parents can have joint legal custody even though one has primary physical custody. For example, the parent with whom the child is with at the time can seek emergency medical care without permission from the other parent. However, he or she should inform the other parent as soon as possible.

Even when parents have joint physical and legal custody, a family law judge must appoint one of them with tie-breaking power in matters of healthcare, religion, extra-curricular activities, and education. It’s especially important to retain an experienced child custody attorney if you’re concerned your former partner could make poor decisions in these areas.


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