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Child Support Modification

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Once all the details of the child support order are laid out, returning with a modification request can feel daunting. In fact, the nerve-wracking uncertainty of not knowing what the courts will order can prevent you from making this important step. If you have experienced significant changes recently, it is likely in the best interest of your child and family to request modification of the child support order, however.

You can prepare yourself to go into this process with confidence by learning about the top reasons to consider this request. With this information in hand, you can reach out to an experienced child support modification attorney for the support you need through this process.

Reasons to Consider Child Support Modification

Although the courts will hear and consider many different reasons for child support modification, here are a few of the most common ones.

Substantial Change in Earnings

If either parents’ earnings go up or down substantially, then a child support modification request may be in order. The income changes may pertain to anything from a new job or promotion or the loss of employment or ability to work. In the case of decreased earnings, the court may look at whether the income reduction was voluntary. If so, the changes may be based on potential earnings rather than actualized income.

Need for Medical Care

If your child has new medical care expenses, child support modification can help you cover those items without worry. While working with your attorney, you can clearly outline the expenses for the court’s consideration. The expenses may cover:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Treatments
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medications
  • Travel to and from appointments

Parental need for medical care is another reason to ask for support modification, especially if it impacts their ability to make a living.

Switch in Residence

If a parent is incarcerated or otherwise unable to provide care, children may go live with their other parent before an official custody order is granted. If this happens, you will need to submit your request for custody changes as soon as possible. Along with this request, it is important to submit child support modification documents to notify the court of the need for a change to that order as well.

Increase in Family Size

As parents have more children or get remarried, their household size changes, making it necessary to revisit the child support order. With these changes come new challenges in providing support to the family and fulfilling the child support order. The courts consider these familysize changes as they come to ensure all children receive the care they need.

Types of Child Support Modifications

You can request a temporary or permanent adjustment to the child support order. Temporary requests are usually reserved for situations that will resolve in the coming months. Otherwise, the orders may need to be permanently changed. You can always have your child support modification attorney submit a new request when your circumstances change.

How to Acquire Help from a Child Support Modification Attorney

You can move through this process with confidence by having a child support modification attorney assist you. These professionals have the skills and experience needed to deftly navigate the courts and achieve your desired results. You can get started in finding your ideal attorney with a call to DanieleJohnson & Associates at 470-746-6485. With a single call, you can schedule a consultation appointment to ask any questions you have and discuss your modification request.