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Why You Should Be Honest With Your Family Law Attorney

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2019 | Firm News

There are several reasons you may find yourself working with a family law attorney. Whether you’re pursuing grandparent visitation rights or trying to establish legitimation or paternity, it can be a sensitive time for everyone involved. The goal of a family law attorney is to see all parties succeed through a mutually beneficial agreement, and achieving this goal is made easier when all parties are completely open and honest throughout the process.

Any time you’re dealing with family law, emotions are bound to run high and become intertwined with the agreements being discussed. Though, there are things you can do to help your lawyer successfully mediate these situations, like being honest. Lawyers are people too, and they are here to help you resolve a potentially painful situation with as minimal friction as possible.

The Truth Will Come Out Eventually

In family law, like most other legal relationships, trust between the attorney and their client is crucial to the success of the case. Whatever that truth may be, your family law attorney can’t properly defend you or argue your case if they don’t have all the facts. That being said, those arguing against you will come forward with everything that could harm your position and give them an upper hand in the case.

Don’t hide things like a DUI, child neglect charge, addiction or anything else that has the potential to dampen your credibility. Assets are another important thing to tell your lawyer about – if you think you’ve hidden them from your ex, their lawyer has the ability to dig these things up and use them against you later. If your family law attorney is going to have any success negotiating your case, they need the facts up front so they can build a proper defense and avoid being blindsided down the road.

Your Family Law Attorney Wants to Help You

Telling the truth about what you really want the outcome of your case to be will help your family law attorney develop a strategy custom to you. When discussing child custody agreements for example, your lawyer needs to know if you fully and truly want to be the residential parent or not, and what kind of parenting plan you have in mind to effectively negotiate your case with the other party.

It’s difficult to be honest with ourselves about such delicate and important things, whether we feel shame for our true desires or societal pressure to want something we don’t really want. Overcoming that impulse to hide or pretend to be something you’re not can entirely change the outcome of your case and has the potential to ease tensions between all parties so you can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

You’re Paying Them to Help You with Your Case

Ultimately, you are paying your family law attorney to help you win a case or settle an agreement with another party. Hiding things and being deceptive in your interactions with your lawyer are quick ways to cheap yourself out of the money you’re paying, not to mention it’s a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

Choose a Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

Trust is an easy thing to lose and very difficult to regain, especially in sensitive cases like child custody agreements, establishing paternity or grandparent visitation rights. Finding a family law attorney you can trust and feel comfortable with is the first step in building a successful case.

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