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Family Law Attorneys In Atlanta Explain The Different Types Of Adoption

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Firm News

There is no greater feeling than the joy of adopting a child. But with so many different types of adoption available, it can be difficult to discern which avenue will work best for you. The Atlanta family law attorneys at Daniele Johnson & Associates will utilize their unparalleled knowledge and expertise to guide you through the adoption planning process.

When considering adoption, it is important to understand the types of adoption and their differences to determine which one will be right for you.

Private Adoption

Referred to as domestic or infant adoption, private adoption is when prospective parents work together with the birth parents to create an adoption plan. In some instances, these hopeful parents already know the child. These adoptions generally occur within the United States.

There can be many benefits to this adoption type, including better access to medical information, control over the process and the ability to receive guidance from adoption professionals. Should you choose to explore private adoption, our family law attorneys in Atlanta can assist you through the legal steps that are involved in the proceedings.

Relative/Kinship Adoption

Also known as family adoption, relative/kinship adoption refers to a child that is adopted by family members. This can include grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and more. With this type of adoption, family members gain full legal rights to the child so they can make medical decisions, perform everyday parental tasks and ensure inheritance and insurance benefits for the child.

With this adoption type, parental rights must either be voluntarily surrendered or terminated by the state. If the rights of the biological parents have been terminated, the court system will attempt to find the child a relative/kinship adoption before turning them over to the foster care system.

Relative adoption is the ideal solution for the child in need because it increases their well-being and minimizes the potential for trauma by allowing them to live with someone they already know. However, in cases where biological parents are hesitant to give up their parental rights, it can be a tough uphill battle. If this is your situation, our family law attorneys in Atlanta can help provide you with all of the assistance you need.

Public Adoption

Public adoption, also referred to as foster-to-adopt, happens when the rights of a child’s biological parents have been terminated by the state. This usually includes circumstances in which there has been neglect or abuse. In many cases, prospective parents that go through public adoption foster the child before beginning the adoption process.

This type of adoption is the best option if you want to provide a home for a child in need regardless of their gender, race or age. It is also the most affordable of the adoption types and should be considered if you do not have the budget necessary for private adoption.

It is important to know that the foster care system is constructed to give biological parents the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves so they can reunite with their child. As a result, family attorneys in Atlanta advise exploring other adoption options if this creates an emotional burden for you that is too heavy to bear.

International Adoption

Also known as intercountry adoption, international adoption is the process of adopting a child anywhere outside of the United States. Many countries allow U.S. citizens to adopt from them, especially those that cannot provide adequate care for children in their own country. The process for this type of adoption can vary based on the laws of the country you are adopting from.

Adopting internationally is another great opportunity to provide a home to a child in need. And unlike public adoption, there is no potential for involvement from the biological parents, as children in other countries must be deemed orphans to be eligible for international adoption.

However, the process of international adoption can be much more complex, costlier and longer than other adoption types. Approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is required before you can move forward. Family law attorneys in Atlanta can help provide you with additional information concerning the rules and regulations of the specific country you want to adopt from.

Family Law Attorneys in Atlanta Can Help Guide You Through the Adoption Process

No matter what kind of adoption you are interested in pursuing, family law attorneys in Atlanta can help you begin your adoption planning process. Contact Daniele Johnson & Associates today to schedule an appointment.

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