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Best Child Custody Lawyers Atlanta GA Assigning Guardian Ad Litem

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The most challenging aspect of dissolving a marriage is in sorting out custody agreements and visitation rights. When children are involved, the process of divorce can be quarrelsome, and some parents may lose sight of what is best for their child along the way. And since children are not able to represent themselves in these cases, it can quickly become a disaster. As a result, the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA may recommend assigning a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of your child.

At Daniele Johnson & Associates, we will use our professionalism and integrity to serve as your child’s voice so that they receive the best outcome for their future.

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

Per the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA, a guardian ad litem is an impartial individual that is appointed by the court to represent a child in cases of divorce, custody or when there is alleged abuse. Known as guardian for the suit, they are most often assigned to minor children who are not able to advocate for themselves in these matters. It is the job of the guardian ad litem to serve in the best interest of your child until the conclusion of the trial.

When to Appoint a Guardian Ad Litem

The best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA recommend a guardian ad litem in situations where you and your co-parent cannot settle disputes amongst yourselves or when your child’s well-being may be compromised.

  • Parental abuse of alcohol and controlled substances
  • Suspected parental abuse against the child
  • The child is engaging in delinquent or at-risk behaviors
  • The child heavily favors one parent over the other

The Roles and Responsibilities 

The guardian ad litem is there to act as an advocate for your child by becoming an investigator in the proceedings. They have the power to examine the circumstances surrounding your case including your family relationships, background, living conditions and more to determine the visitation and placement that will work best for your child. They will also have access to your child’s records, can interview them as needed and subpoena witnesses that know them to testify in your case.

Once their investigation is complete, they will compile a report with their recommendations and submit it to the judge for review. As the parent, you do not have to accept their findings if you disagree with them and have the right to work with the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA to present your own evidence and witnesses in court. Once a resolution has been reached, your guardian ad litem may be requested to monitor the case for a brief period after it is closed to ensure you and your co-parent are following court orders.

Protect Your Child by Working with the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

If you are unable to negotiate with your co-parent or are concerned about your child’s welfare during your trial, the professionals at Daniele Johnson & Associates will work as your guardian ad litem protect the interests of your child.

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