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Getting Contempt Attorney According To Best Child Custody Lawyers Atlanta, GA

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Navigating divorce is always difficult, especially when children are involved. And while you may do everything in your power to keep the proceedings amicable, your spouse may act out during the process, especially when it comes to establishing custody. If your spouse has disobeyed court orders or violated visitation, the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA recommend hiring a contempt attorney to hold your spouse accountable and settle these issues.

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What Does it Mean to Be in Contempt of Court?

According to the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, Ga, contempt actions occur when one spouse willfully refuses to follow court orders. While this mostly applies to child support cases, it also happens when a spouse violates a child custody or visitation schedule. In some instances, a spouse that disrupts trial proceedings or is disrespectful to a judge, lawyer or other court officials can also be held in contempt of court.

Child Custody Lawyers Atlanta, Ga: Filing a Motion for Contempt

When you file a motion for contempt with the help of the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA, you are requesting the judge to punish your spouse for disobeying a court order. For this motion to be effective, you must have proof or present evidence that your spouse if willfully disobeying the law. While just the threat of filing a motion for contempt is sometimes enough to get your spouse to obey court orders, you may need to follow through and hold them responsible if there is a persistent pattern of violation.

Potential Motion for Contempt Outcomes

Once the best child custody lawyers in Atlanta, GA file your motion for contempt, your judge will evaluate the circumstances to determine if your spouse has violated child support or visitation orders. Should the judge deem that your spouse is in contempt of court, there are several potential outcomes that could result based on the circumstances.


  • Compliance. If your spouse is found to be in contempt of court, the judge will often give them an opportunity to amend the violation and comply with the court order to avoid any penalties. If they do not do this, then the judge will move forward with assigning punishment.


  • Fines and attorney fees. Should your spouse’s action disrupt a court case, your judge will order them to reimburse your attorney fees, as well as assign any additional fines related to prosecuting the case.


  • Modified custody and visitation. Your judge may modify your custody agreement or award you additional visitation rights based on the actions of your spouse.


  • Jail time. In extreme cases, your spouse may be ordered to serve jail time for being in contempt of court


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