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Advantages Domestic Arbitration

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Divorce is never easy, especially if you are having trouble settling a dispute with your spouse. Whether it is about child custody, alimony or asset division, you could be looking at months or years of court dates with no resolution in sight. And while the future seems bleak, there is another option that can help. With domestic arbitration, you can take control of the process and get the answers you need to solve your issues without all the hassle.

When you work with Daniele Johnson & Associates, you will work with the best divorce attorneys in Atlanta to get the ideal outcomes you need for your family and your future.

What Is Domestic Arbitration?

As defined by the best divorce attorneys in Atlanta, domestic arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows you to avoid going to court. If you and your spouse both agree to domestic arbitration, you will have much more control over resolving your issues because you will be able to choose your own arbitrator. This arbitrator is a neutral third party that will hear testimony and review evidence to award an outcome in your case that is final and legally binding.

The Advantages of Domestic Arbitration

The best divorce attorneys in Atlanta recommend domestic arbitration for contentious couples because of its many benefits.


  • Arbitrator selection. With domestic arbitration, you and your spouse can choose your arbitrator if both of you agree to the selection. And while it is advisable to seek the best divorce attorney in Atlanta for this role, you may also opt for a subject matter expert if you are handling a commercial case. Also, your arbitrator will have much more time to dedicate to reviewing and considering your case as opposed to a judge that is juggling several hearings per day.


  • Convenience and flexibility. Unlike a traditional court case where you must wait several months to be assigned a date that could be inconvenient, you have the flexibility to select a day, time and location that best suits your schedule and circumstances.


  • Tailored to your needs. Domestic arbitration allows you to address the concerns of your choosing including custody, child support, alimony, property and debt division, attorney fees and more.


  • Cost. While you do have to pay your arbitrator, you can negotiate these costs at an hourly, daily or flat rate. No matter which option you select, it will be less expensive than going through the court.


  • Confidentiality. These hearings are closed to the public, so they are completely private.


  • Finality. The decision awarded by your arbitrator is final and enforceable by law.

The Best Divorce Attorneys in Atlanta Will Guide You 

With domestic arbitration, you can settle your issues in a way that saves you a significant amount of time, money and heartache. With Daniele Johnson & Associates, you will work with the best divorce attorneys in Atlanta that will use their passion for family law and professionalism to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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