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Domestic Arbitration Process

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When you are tied up in a contentious court case, it is an arduous process that drains your emotions and your finances. From the first filing to the final decree, it can draw on for months or even years, leaving you to suffer in turmoil and uncertainty. If you are experiencing this firsthand, know that there is an alternative solution. With domestic arbitration, you can avoid lengthy litigation and receive the resolution you need to move forward with your life.

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What is Domestic Arbitration?

According to the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta, domestic arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It gives you the option to resolve your dispute outside of the court and provides you with more control over the process by allowing you to appoint your own arbitrator. Your arbitrator is a neutral party that reviews the evidence and considers testimony to award an outcome in your case. While it is less formal than a judge and jury trial, domestic arbitration is legally binding. Based on your circumstances, this award can be related to alimony, debt and property division, child support, custody, attorney fees and more.

The Process of Domestic Arbitration

While the process of domestic arbitration is similar to a court case, there are a few notable differences that the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta can guide you through. Following are the basic steps involved in domestic arbitration.

  • Initial filing. To start domestic arbitration, you must submit a Demand for Arbitration to the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Once this is done, your spouse will be notified of your filing by the association and given a specific period to respond to your request.


  • Selecting an arbitrator. You and your spouse must work with the association to select your arbitrator. While you may be advised to choose the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta for this role, you also have the option to select a subject matter expert if your domestic arbitration is a commercial case.


  • Preliminary hearing. Your arbitrator will meet with you and your spouse to explain the domestic arbitration process in more depth. This includes all the information you will need regarding witnesses, confidentiality, depositions and more.


  • Presentation preparation. Work with the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta to prepare the presentation that you will submit to your arbitrator.


  • Hearing. You and your spouse will each be given the opportunity to present your arguments to your arbitrator. This can involve the submission of relevant documentation, as well as the testimony of any witnesses you wish to call. While this is usually done in a single hearing, complex cases may require additional hearings.


  • Post-Hearing submissions. In certain instances, your arbitrator will allow you to send additional documentation after your hearing ends.


  • Award. Your arbitrator will award you an outcome that is final and enforceable by law.

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While handling a family law dispute is never simple, domestic arbitration can provide you with ideal solutions that will be beneficial for your well-being and your future. The lawyers at Daniele Johnson & Associates will use their knowledge and experience to close your case as economically and expeditiously as possible.

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