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Understanding Georgia Domestic Arbitration Rules Atlanta

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The definition of domestic arbitration is universal throughout the U.S. Although, domestic arbitration rules and proceedings can vary from state to state and are different from mediations. Here, we take a look at domestic arbitration specific to the state of Georgia and how to get the right legal support for you.

Domestic arbitration allows for people (all parties involved) to resolve disputes outside of court. Both domestic and commercial arbitration proceedings are less expensive because court services are not involved.

Domestic Arbitration Rules in Georgia

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mandates were created for the state of Georgia in the 1983 Georgia Constitution. Domestic arbitration rules were set as a part of this by the Georgia courts.

  • By definition, an arbitrator(s) come(s) to a decision after getting an abbreviated form of evidence by the parties involved.
  • Furthermore, there is a difference between arbitration and mediation. With any type of arbitration, there is a form of settlement or a decision made, but in mediation there isn’t.
  • The Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution has various members, most importantly being the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court.
  • For arbitration conducted by a panel of lawyers, the main lawyer (panel chief) must hold at least 5 years’ experience.
  • In cases of a single arbitrator, this single lawyer is also expected to hold at least 5 years’ experience.
  • Georgia Arbitration Code 9-9-9 states that arbitrators can issue a summons (subpoena) for witnesses, such as for records and other documents or evidence. Arbitration summons are enforced the same as any other civil action.
  • In addition, 9-9-9 claims that witnesses can be compensated for their services in the same way a witness on the stand is in a trial.
  • In cases of death or incompetence of a party, Georgia Arbitration Code 9-9-18 confirms that the arbitration can still continue as long as a written statement was already made by the party. If so, a party’s trustee will continue the arbitration.
  • In certain cases, arbitration is required. For example, land usage or zoning conflicts between a city and a county require arbitration.

For more information, check out the resources available on the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.

Domestic Arbitration Atlanta

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