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Best Divorce Lawyers In Atlanta How A Lawyer Can Help

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Though it is one of the most challenging decisions you will ever have to make, sometimes it is best for you and your spouse to get a divorce. And while it can be an emotional and painful experience, you do not have to face the tough road ahead by yourself. By hiring the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta, you will receive the analysis, guidance, and answers you need to make the best decisions for your divorce and your family.

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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

While there are several family law practitioners in and around the city to choose from, selecting the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta can shift the outlook and outcomes in your case. By feeling confident in your representation, your anxiety and fear will be assuaged so you can view your circumstances a little more objectively. If you fully believe in the competence of your attorney, it will make a world of difference when facing contentious litigation and other difficult situations related to your case. And the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta will not just educate and support you throughout the process. They will help you avoid costly mistakes, protect your reputation, and prepare for your new journey ahead.

How the Best Divorce Lawyers in Atlanta Can Help

There are several duties and tasks that the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta can assist you with as you navigate your way through divorce.

  • Prepare a strategic plan. Every divorce is different. As a result, your attorney will review the details of your unique circumstances to develop a strategic and individualized plan to help you achieve your desired goals.
  • Gather supporting evidence. Known as the discovery phase of divorce, your lawyer will help you collect the information and evidence you need for your case. This includes interrogatories, disclosures, requests for admissions, depositions, and more.


  • Identify marital assets. The best divorce lawyers in Atlanta understand that identifying marital assets is not always cut and dry, especially when evaluating non-economic contributions. As a result, they can help gather records and locate assets to effectively address these issues in court.
  • Develop child custody and visitation plans. Negotiations can be tricky when there are children involved. That is why your attorney will work with the judge in your case to develop a child custody plan that is in the best interest of all the members of your family.


  • Assess alimony and other financial supports. You may be entitled to alimony and other financial supports, especially in instances of income inequality. Your lawyer can help you identify the type of supports you are eligible for.
  • Reach a settlement. In some instances, you may be able to avoid the courts altogether by reaching a settlement. Your attorney can evaluate your circumstances to determine if litigation can be avoided to save you time, money, and heartache.


  • Represent you in court. If you are unable to reach a settlement, your attorney will advocate on your behalf to ensure your case ends with a fair and beneficial resolution.

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While the process of separating from your spouse will be difficult, the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta at Daniele Johnson & Associates are here to help. With a mastery of family law and years of invaluable experience, they will use their results-driven approach to give you the resolution you deserve so you can move forward towards a better future.

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