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Family Lawyers In Marietta GA Navigating The Difficulty Of Adoption

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Firm News

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is the choice to adopt. And while it is incredibly rewarding, the process of adoption itself is filled with several hurdles and obstacles. If you are thinking about adopting a child, it is paramount that you consider the difficulties involved so you can prepare yourself for the journey that lies ahead. At Daniele Johnson & Associates, our family lawyers in Marietta GA will provide you with invaluable insights and guidance to get you through the legal process of adoption.

Family Lawyers in Marietta GA: The Expense of Adoption

According to family lawyers in Marietta, GA, one of the greatest challenges of the adoption process is the cost. How much you will spend is dependent on the type of adoption you choose and the agency you work with. Private adoptions tend to be more expensive because there are more fees involved than with public adoption. If you are interested in international adoption, be prepared for increased costs involving paperwork, visas and travel. Also, be ready to pay other miscellaneous expenses like medical bills and attorney fees.

The Emotional Demands of Adoption

One of the most complicated aspects of adoption is the emotional burden that comes with the process. You must file extensive paperwork and complete visits with an adoption agent who will assess your ability and worthiness to adopt. If you are approved, you will have to wait for months or years due to high demand for the right opportunity to come along. And even then, there can be issues with the birth parents, documentation and other barriers that have the potential to make it all fall apart. As a result, family lawyers in Marietta GA recommend that you really consider these unique obstacles before you move forward.

The Legalities of Adoption

While family lawyers in Marietta GA will guide you through every step of the adoption, it is important that you understand the laws surrounding it. Whether you opt for open or closed adoption, try to have both birth parents be involved if possible. Should the birth mother agree to adoption without the consent of the birth father and he has not given up his parental rights, you could be vulnerable to legal challenges down the line. For international adoption, there are often visa requirements and specific laws in the country of origin that you will have to navigate as well.

The Moral Obstacles of Adoption

There are certain ethical queries and concerns that you need to consider when trying to adopt. In some situations, the birth parents may hide crucial information from you about their medical history or pregnancy. It is also paramount that you vet the adoption agency that you work with, as some of them may also hide critical background or health information about the child. And while public adoption is made to give the birth parents the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and regain custody of their child, some adoption agencies may violate this right and prematurely place the child for adoption before the parents have had a fair shot to turn their lives around. Family lawyers in Marietta GA will recommend the best adoption agencies to work with to help you avoid these issues.

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